Monday, August 22, 2011

A New Season!

Today our summer has officially ended. It is back to school for the kids. During the summer my time is spent at the pool, driving my kids back and forth to camps, and spending weeks in Michigan. Because of all of this, many things are neglected around my house. Well that is all going to change starting today!I am a list writer. I love lists, and I love to cross things off my list, I feel very accomplished when I can draw a big black line through something on my to do list. Over the weekend, on my flight home, I came up with my "back to school" list. Just a few things I can work on, uninterrupted, now that it is school time.

Cook more dinners. I love to cook, but during the summer I really don't cook a lot. Many nights we will have dinner at the pool, or I pick up something already made, because we spent the entire day at the pool.
Get my yard ready for Fall flowers.
Organize my closet.
Scour the antique shops in the hopes of finding the perfect, vintage bar cart.
Find the perfect curtains....
and chaise lounge for my bedroom.
Redo my son's room, he really wants a loft...

and if I am lucky.....Enjoy this every now and then!!


  1. I love this list! That little boys room is adorable.

  2. I assume you have seen the Society Social bar carts that are all over the Blogworld/Pinterest??

  3. I hope you had a great time in Chicago!!

  4. You are going to be busy! I need to organize my closet asap!!!

  5. Love a good list!Even better ticking everything off when done!!

  6. Happy back to school! I bet that is a big change. I'm with you- total list maker- my hubby jokes that I have lists for my lists hahaha. So cheers to you crossing things off your list :) xo Lisa

  7. I love making lists too! Sterling is starting a two day Mothers Morning out after Labor Day and I can't wait to have the time to accomplish some much needed projects around our house! I wish my closet looked like that one!

  8. LOVE the list! I've been a stranger to your blog and am enjoying catching up! It's been a busy summer! I was giddy when you were posting about Michigan. We go every year to South Haven and now to Saugatuck to boat and vacay. We always visit the outlet mall in Holland! Small world!
    Have a great fall! :) Heidi