Friday, May 30, 2014

Girl Friday

I can't believe it is the weekend again, this is what I love about summer no concept of time.  I am not completely adjusted to our new schedule of being able to be a little lazy but that will come.

Speaking of lazy we have a really lazy weekend ahead of us.  Tonight I am meeting a high school girlfriend for dinner and drinks..
It's going to be a beautiful day/night here so it will be next to impossible to get an outside table but I am sure going to try!!

Saturday I am meeting up with some friends for a home and garden house tour...
 I am so excited, I am giving my family room a face lift so I hope I get some good ideas.

Saturday night more dinner and drinks with friends....

and Sunday we are going to a picnic and I am bringing a dessert.  I am being super lazy by just whipping up a box of these...
but trust me, they are so good and so easy!

Have a beautiful weekend

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Scenes from our weekend

We had a very big weekend over here at chez beautiful,  Lottie had here very first trip to 6 Flags...
and loved every second of it

I now officially have a high schooler

and I am going to relish in the fact that at least for now I am the coolest mom because of this (and this is straight from the mouths of 14 year old boys)

I told my son how fortunate he is to have such a great group of friends, these will be his friends for life...

Monday I congratulated myself on a job well done with this

and I booked a little staycation here with one of my girlfriends
so glad it's summer!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Girl Friday, Summer Edition

Summer will officially begin today at 10am when school is dismissed for the year.  After dismissal we have our annual school outing to 6 Flags...
I go once a year and today is that day.

After 6 Flags I am meeting up with the hubs for a post golf tournament that he is playing in happy hour...
If he get a hole in one today he will win a million dollars (fingers crossed)

Tomorrow morning my son will officially end his grade school career and become a high schooler

I know he is getting older because Saturday night he gets to choose the restaurant for our family dinner.  He did not choose Dave and Busters or worse Ci Ci's pizza, he choose one of my favorites in town...

Sunday is his big party, I think I am ready for the burger bar...

and I can't wait to see how excited the boys will be when this pulls up

Monday I plan on doing a whole lot of this

Have a beautiful weekend!!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Musings

Happy Monday...
I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

When I wasn't busy doing this....

I had to get ready for my son's graduation party on Sunday. My plan is to have beautiful weather and to have it outside, I hope somebody who has any influence over this is reading;)

I saw this picture on pinterest and immediately got my potting bench out of storage where it has been since we moved 4 years ago and set it up

it's a work in progress, but I will have this looking amazing by this weekend if it is the last thing I do

I made sure all my lights are working

(party of ours from last summer)

hoping my lemon tree looks like this soon

and I did a lot of planting

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This and That

I cannot believe the school year is over in less than 2 weeks!!  I for one am ready for the end of the morning rat race, the homework, and the after school activities.  I am ready to spend my days lounging poolside and my nights sipping cocktails on my deck!!

The end of the school year also means that us moms are really busy.  There is always so much to do with our kids before the school year ends, I have hardly anytime for anything else.

Monday night I did have a chance to make this healthy banana chocolate chip bread and it was amazing
my family gobbled the entire loaf for breakfast on Tuesday morning.

My oldest child is graduating 8th grade (yikes) so I have been busy planning a party for a bunch of 14 year old boys.  We have decided to do a burger bar

as a surprise for all the boys we also have a game truck coming

Today I am letting my daughter skip school so we can have a special day.  On her to do list..


I have my book club (wine club) tonight and we are discussing one of the many great books I have read recently

and finally my daughter was so busy on Mother's Day making me bath products.
Hand made gifts are the BEST, plus girl knows the way to my heart!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Girl Friday, Mother's Day Edition

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all the moms out there, Oprah was right this is the hardest job in the world!!

When my kids were babies, Mother's day was all about the hubs sending me off for a day to myself.. the spa, lunch with friends, shopping but now that my kids are growing up I don't want to spend the day without them.  It is so rare that it is just the five of us, usually the hubs is working, the kids have activities or their is always an extra child friend with us.  

Top of my list is brunch.  I love going to brunch.  Maybe I love it because usually my breakfast is a cup of coffee, maybe I love it because it is a throw back to my early 20's when we would go to brunch every Saturday and Sunday, or maybe I just love it because we rarely go to brunch since our weekend mornings  are crazy busy.

I couldn't get my boys to come with me, but after brunch my girls and I are meeting my mother for the ballet, Cinderella

While I am at the ballet, the boys will be busy working on dinner...

I do have a few things on my wish list...




but really I just want to have fun with my family
because being a mom is truly the greatest gift!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mile High City

2 weekends ago the hubs and I went to Denver to visit my brother and sister in law and now I completely understand the attraction to that city

We usually fly right over Denver on our way to the mountains, but this time we decided to stay in the city.

Denver is a big, small city.  There really is no urban sprawl so everything is contained in a small area, everyone uses their bikes as a mode of transportation (love it),  and we had perfect weather our weekend.  My brother in law also made sure we hit his favorite restaurants so we had a big eating and drinking weekend (love it)

Friday we arrive just in time for lunch

and his favorite roof top spot

and our weekend officially begun

After a little cat nap for the hubby at our hotel and a quick change we were off again.

happy hour at Jerry and Kari's place...

then onto dinner

and pretty much the rest of our night...

Saturday morning, after the ibuprofen kicked in I was off with Kari for a bike ride in the mountains..

We drove about 15 minutes outside of the city and we were in God's country
Red Rocks

Can I just add here that biking up a mountain is really hard, it looks so easy but it really is not, at all!!

We made it back into the city for a late lunch and a pub crawl via bikes

then we showered and changed and went in for round 2

and my best meal all weekend

Thank God I went on that bike ride to counter act all my calorie consumption!!

I am still in detox