Friday, March 29, 2013

Girl Friday

Have a Blessed, Beautiful Easter!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

It seems weird to me that Easter is on Sunday.  Our house has been random the last 2 weeks, first I was in Florida with the girls, then we were all home for 4 days, then the boys went out of town.  I really feel off schedule and out of whack, the snowstorm that came through over the weekend did not help at all.  We are all finally under the same roof and now I need to think about Easter.

I have no idea what anyone is wearing.  This is a very low key Easter this year so I think I am going to work with what everyone has instead of shopping for new outfits.  It is also going to be chilly on Sunday so I have to keep that in mind.  I think I am going to wear my new target dress...

with my black cardigan...

and my black shoes...
no longer at Kate Spade, but you can get them here.

and my necklace I picked up on Tuesday at H&M..

We are going to my parents for dinner and I am bringing a dessert.  I am thinking this is the perfect Easter dessert.

I am not going to lie, I read the recipe and it seems like a lot of work, but anything with champagne is worth the effort!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Who Doesn't Love a Sale??

Any time a designer collaborates on a line for Target it is always pure chaos at my Target store.  There are plenty of lines, clothes grabbing, getting run down with carts, and pushing.  I witnessed this first hand last year with Missoni.  When Prabal Gurung for Target came out a couple weeks ago, I saw a preview before it hit the stores and decided dealing with the mob scene just wasn't worth it.

Yesterday I ran to Target during our snow storm to grab a few essential,  typically St. Louisans don't do well with snow and everyone stays inside until it has melted,  so not only did I have Target almost to myself, I spotted a few Prabal Gurung pieces on the sale rack.  

This was a good trip indeed, I avoided all lines and general craziness of Target (you all know what I am talking about)  and I got 2 pieces on sale.  

Monday, March 25, 2013


I am dying over this Tom Ford utility bag...

and yes I will also take it in black

It is on NM website but the price is not listed.

That is most likely not a good sign!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Girl Friday

The boys left early this morning for their spring break, so it will be just me and my girls this weekend.  

In addition to some fun girly things like shopping, baking cookies, getting mani's and pedi's, I do have a project for myself before the hubs get back.

This was my bedroom last week at the house we rented in Seaside...

I am obsessed with the purple wall.  It has never been on my radar to paint anything purple but now I cannot get that color out of my mind.  I would love to do a bedroom that color but that would be embarking on an entire bedding, new window treatments, new rugs etc.  My laundry room needs some serious help, I need to first off, actually do some laundry, then I need to add some shelves to help with the organizing and I need to spice it up a bit.  This is where the purple walls come in.  My laundry room is lacking some serious style, right now it is very white and very boring.  I hate doing laundry, maybe if I love the room the chore will be tolerable.

I have my color choice narrowed down, now I just to to decide and get busy!!

Have a beautiful weekend!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Luck of the Irish

About 2 weeks ago I had a small lucky streak.  I was at a bingo fundraiser (I know, I am not 90 but it was really fun) at my daughters school and won $100

then 2 days later as I was heading down to Florida I got a call from a local boutique, I had "liked" a purse on their FB page for a contest and I won the bag!!  Woot Woot

I finally got around to picking up my purse yesterday and it is adorable.  I LOVE this bag.  It is a super soft buttery leather with brass hardware and tassel detailing.  Until yesterday I had never heard of the line orYany but the shop owner was telling me this is her all time favorite.  They have great color combinations and those small attention to details that can really make a great bag.  You can check out the entire line here.

Well I am off to buy a lottery ticket!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Re-entry obsessions

My week in the picture perfect town of Seaside left me with a need for summer to arrive quickly and a few new obsessions.

Sandals are the standard for the daytime and I saw plenty of cutes ones that need to find their way to my closet...

and for the chilly nights, the perfect summer bootie...

I also fell in love with this dress...

and I now have an obsession for Turkish Towels...

and Sun Bum lotion...

my obsessions have not stopped here.  I am now obsessed with this wine...

and I am dying to recreate this meal I had which was beyond delicious
scallops on mint pea ravioli

at the most charming restaurant in all of the pan handle...

and also front porches

and porch swings..

and last, but certainly not least, key lime pie

well that about covers everything!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Girl Friday

Have a great week!!

This girl is heading south for a little sun!!

Have a beautiful week mes amies

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Getting Warmer

Think I have just about everything I need for next week!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lucite Love

I have always had a fondness for lucite, especially when incorporated in a shoe.  I know, I know when this is done cheaply, or the entire shoe is lucite, they can be "stripper shoes" but when it is done right and tastefully, I think you have the perfect shoe with a pop of something unexpected.

I am happy to see that lots of lucite can be found on the shoes for this fast approaching Spring.  Here are a few of my favorites...

and again here...


and for those of us still experiencing winter, a little lucite bootie...

Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Break Time

Spring Break 2013 is almost upon us, and I for one am ready to hit the beach!

Our spring break is a little different this year.  My son is at a new school, so unfortunately he has a different spring break from my girls.  A good friend of mine is in a similar situation so we decided to divide and conquer.  This Friday I am heading to Seaside, Florida with my 2 girls, my friend, and her 2 girls for a girls only week of fun.

There is a huge St. Louis population in Seaside, but this is my first time to this part of Florida and I am really excited.  Anytime someone gives me a suggestion on where to eat or what to do I immediately take a note.  Here is what I have so far for my visit.

Places to eat.  This restaurant is number 1 for everybody who has vacationed in Seaside.  I hear they have the best crab cakes, the coldest beer and the coolest bands...

Another favorite is "The Meltdown" technically this is not a restaurant but a grilled cheese food truck.  I have been instructed by my friend to chase this truck down if need be.  I have already checked out the menu and I WILL be eating a goat cheese, prosciutto, arugula and tomato sandwich at least once next week.

Another must, is Cowgirl Kitchen.  I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone at this place.  It is not only a restaurant, but you can also buy provisions here.  We have a condo for the week with a full kitchen so this will be the perfect spot to grab some necessities for some afternoon (or late night) munchies.

Some activities I have planned for the week...

dying to try this...

I have my list of all the cute boutiques to check out...

and of course plenty of this...

If you have any suggestions on place to go/things to do, fire away!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Girl Friday

We are laying low this weekend before we head off to Florida next weekend for spring break.  However, I do have a few things I am looking forward to.

Birthday dinner for my father in law at his favorite restaurant...

And a date night with my hubby.  So excited to see this show, I hear it is fabulous!!