Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just Add Water

We are off to the beautiful beaches of Lake Michigan...

then onto Detroit to see my sister (again) and her lake...

Oh it's summertime!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


My sister has gone back to Detroit so things have calmed down for about a New York minute around here.  Tomorrow morning I am taking off for Michigan with the kids so I have some serious packing to do.

With my mind racing with what to pack, I also have random thoughts filling my brain.

I am kind of digging this new show.  I know women are upset that there is a show that glamorizes being a mistress, but I don't think this show makes it pretty at all.  In fact it is sad, lonely and pathetic but still good to watch

I made the slow cooker chicken philly sandwiches last week and they were delicious.  My sister and I are always joking that we need to create a board for pinterest called "Meals I made that taste like crap" this one would definitely NOT be on that board

I am obsessed with this Lilly cover up

My in laws just got a paddle board for the lake

so I had to pick up a new little outfit

My birthday is this Sunday, just a few small things I want...
this karaoke machine is the best, my friend has it and we spend hours and hours singing.  This playlist is endless and it is all current songs, not the best of Patsy Cline

I also need a new camera bag, this one keeps catching my eye.  No matter how you slice it a camera bag is big and bulky, but this one seems to do the trick and still looks a little stylish

Have a beautiful day!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

My weekend was nonstop activity, but those always make the best weekends!!  Friday night we celebrated my dad and the 70 years he has been on this earth.

anniversary shot with the hubs

Saturday morning we were up and out the door to watch my son's team come in 1st place at the golf tournament

then it was off the celebrate the hubby's birthday at our stay cation


lounging by the pool makes me very hungry

Needless to say we came home on Sunday exhausted from our nonstop activity.  The hubs had to spend his father's day working, that is just one of the many many things that makes him a great father/husband

My sister is still in town so the fun continues!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Girl Friday, Dr Beautiful Edition

This is a big weekend for the hubs!

Today is our wedding anniversary...
 and we are celebrating by throwing a dinner party for my dad's birthday and having my sister come to town.  I am really excited about how my deck looks, the hubs did a great job hanging my white lights, love them!!  

Tomorrow is Dr. Beautiful's birthday...

I have a nice little day planned for him..
early morning brunch

Then off to the golf course.  My son is playing in a golf tournament Saturday, he is currently ranked in the top 8 of 13 year old boys across STL.  He tees off at 9 am

After his match, we are heading downtown with my sisters and their hubbies for a little in-town overnight.  We are checking into my favorite hotel....

and we should be pool side by noon...

Saturday night, a little birthday dinner at a new restaurant right around the corner from our hotel...

then on Sunday it is father's day...

Dr. Beautiful actually has to work on Sunday so I will spend the day with my sisters hanging out with my dad, then bring the hubs favorite dinner up to the hospital...

Have a beautiful weekend!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outdoor Tablescapes

This Friday, not only is my sister and her family coming to town for the weekend and staying with me, I am also throwing a birthday dinner for my dad's 70th.

It looks like we are going to have beautiful weather on Friday so my plan is to have dinner outside.  I love dining al fresco, there is nothing like enjoying a good meal with all your family and friends on a beautiful starry night.

Pinterest is hands down the best site for party planning, the ideas are endless.  It has been my go to for some great outdoor tablescapes.  The thing I really want is lots of candles and white lights strung across my deck.  My hubby loves when I give him a challenging project and he claims that stringing the lights across the deck is no small feat.  Now that he has promised to somehow take care of the lights, I can work on the tables itself and the menu.

See what I mean, Pinterest is why I never get anything done!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Scenes from my weekend

You know it is the tell tale sign of a good weekend when you wake up Monday morning exhausted.  I had one of the best weekends thanks to my besties who threw the most amazing party for my birthday on Friday.  I am fairly certain that Mandi (my friend that threw the party) has a calling to be a party planner, this girl did not overlook 1 detail.

The food, the cake, the tablescape, the big geronimo balloon, basically the entire atmosphere was perfection.

The dining room, when I first walked in.  That balloon is insane, you can also see one here and here

A cake from my favorite french bakery

My favorite champagne and my favorite vineyard from a Napa trip a couple of years ago

my favorite girls

The table once the candles were lit.  She had pictures of me and the hubs throughout her house from our European adventure.

Now that's a party!!