Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outdoor Tablescapes

This Friday, not only is my sister and her family coming to town for the weekend and staying with me, I am also throwing a birthday dinner for my dad's 70th.

It looks like we are going to have beautiful weather on Friday so my plan is to have dinner outside.  I love dining al fresco, there is nothing like enjoying a good meal with all your family and friends on a beautiful starry night.

Pinterest is hands down the best site for party planning, the ideas are endless.  It has been my go to for some great outdoor tablescapes.  The thing I really want is lots of candles and white lights strung across my deck.  My hubby loves when I give him a challenging project and he claims that stringing the lights across the deck is no small feat.  Now that he has promised to somehow take care of the lights, I can work on the tables itself and the menu.

See what I mean, Pinterest is why I never get anything done!!


  1. When he's finished with your lights, send him on over to my house! I've wanted lights on my deck for the 3+ yrs we've lived here.

  2. Gorgeous inspiration photos! I am sure you will have your deck looking fab:)

  3. Going to be so pretty!! Let me know what you're making. I love hearing what people serve for fancy parties. :-) Can't wait to see you next month!

  4. I can't blame you for spending too much time on Pinterest because they really have the most prettiest selection and designs. Anyway, have you chose the one you like best? My vote goes to the 3rd to the last picture. It's simple but very intimate, and very good for a dinner party. Who would refuse to the beautiful concept of a candle light dinner, right? – Allison Shallenberger @