Friday, April 24, 2015


Adios!!  We are off for our adult only Spring Break....

I have everything I need

All my beach essentials

and just the hubby
Have a beautiful week!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Summer is right around the corner and here are just a few staples that we all need to pick up ASAP!!

New beach bag
By the end of each summer my beach bag is dirty, caked with sand, and pretty much destroyed.  Showing up to the pool on opening day with a brand new bag is like showing up on the first day of school in new clothes, it's a must!!
I picked this Lilly bag up last month in Florida and it was $20.  Now technically it is a market bag but it is thick, water resistant and oh so cute so I am taking it to the pool.

If you are feeling adventurous Sunday morning and want to wake up at 6am, stand in a crazy line for 2 hours before Target opens, then hope to God you don't get trampled to death you can find this cute Lilly for target bag 

and as long as you are there, throw in this cute cover up

Also on my summer staple list is my summer lip stick.  I keep hearing "Dior Addict" and then my sister in law was wearing it in your basic color over the weekend, I mean my search is over.   It is the perfect color for summer

Watermelon Juice
You. Must. Drink. This!!

It is hydrating, delicious, low calories, sugar free, and pure juice from watermelons.  Something tells me this is also pretty tasty with a splash of vodka.

This seems a little random, but my girl Ina knows her stuff, it is so light and refreshing and its a staple sandwich in France.  If it's good enough for the French it is good enough for me


Full disclosure, I am really not a Birkenstock girl.  I have never taken to the grunge look, however these new, fresh metallic birks have actually gotten me to waiver, kind of.  I am not ready to invest around $200 for shoes that I do not LOVE, but I will fork over $30 for the target knock offs

celebrities are so on board with this....

I have to admit, the most comfortable walking shoe around!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Tablescapes

Every year around Easter time I tell myself I should put up some spring decorations and every year I just draw a blank.  Hanging a bunny on my front door really isn't my style and what else is there??

umm how about flowers!!

Today I am going to the farmers market and let my creative juices flow.  My plan is create something just fabulous for my table for Easter, thank goodness for pinterest.  I do love the special touch of adding something seasonal to my flowers.


plastic eggs


and the best thing I have seen with carrots and asparagus in a long time

and if this still does not help you, take a class at your local florist.

We are all ready to go here.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Back to Reality

After spending a week in the sun, in the fairy tale land also know as the 30A, it so hard to come back to responsibilities, cold weather, jobs...also known as life.

For an entire week I did not have a care in the world, I spent my days on the beach, my afternoon biking around the town, and my nights sipping bubbly the hubs....

it was heaven!!

On one of those afternoon biking tours I came across an extensive collection of Mara Hoffman and LemLem at a cute little boutique.  If you are looking for some additions to your spring/summer wardrobe, look no further!!

Mara Hoffmann closed her show with this stunner...

and a little LemLem

the cutest rompers EVER


and to complete the summer look, a stack of these would be just perfect

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I'll take sun and more sun!!

March is like that mean guy we all knew in high school; nice, sweet and sunny one day then next we wake up to gray skies and frost.  Since the sun won't come to me, guess we will head to the sun!

I am crossing things off my list to get ready for a week of doing whatever I want..

Highlights, check 

sunblock, check

swimsuit, check
and it's from Target!!

Reading for the week, check

any physical activity, check

and a house at one of my favorite places of all time!!
double check!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Random Ramblings

Class pass has come to STL, this is a great opportunity to sample all specialized gyms in your city without any type of commitment.  You're just dating the gyms, not marrying them...
on our list we have yoga, spinning, bar, pilates, cross-fit etc.  Buy your monthly membership and use it at every gym on their list, definitely the most bang for your buck!

So you bought that gym pass and now you are going to ruin all your hard work with your sweet tooth?  I made these greek yogurt muffins,  (much better for you then the muffins the size of your head from Panera)  and they have just enough chocolate to satisfy.

I bought this cleansing water the other day at CVS and I love it

 use it like a toner, after you wash and before you moisturize.  It was only $8.00 so it was a no brainer.  I will try just about anything to keep my skin from drying out this time of year.

The hubs and I have been meeting with an architect to expand our kitchen.  I LOVE my blue kitchen and want to keep it blue so I found a few (hundred) pictures on pinterest but these are my favorites

I think I need one of these for my closet...

because every time I pull out a dress and it's all wrinkly and needs to be sent out to be pressed is about an hour before I plan to wear it.

Just finished reading this book...
Loved it, and it is historical fiction.  I had no idea there was such a thing as orphan trains.

So over winter, snow, coats, boots and anything that has to do with cold weather.  19 days until we are here

I also hear that Mexico is lovely this time of year!!