Friday, March 18, 2016

Au Revoir

Spring Break 2 is finally here.  We are off today with the older kids.

I realize there really are no longer "travel agents" because of the internet, but I feel like I maybe missed my calling.  I have planned our 10 days almost down to the minute, we will see and do just about everything.  This will be mine and the hubs 9th trip to Paris, but the first for our kids and I want them to see it all.

We have an apartment for our trip on a great street right in the heart of the city

with plenty of cafe's right outside our door
this is why I love google maps, I can literally stalk the streets of Paris from 4,000 miles away.  I can see the restaurants, the shops, the menus.  Big brother really is watching!!

Our first day is low key, I know that everyone will be exhausted from the flight.  After we are settled in our apt we will go the the center of the city and see Notre Dame.  

then at sunset we are going to a concerto at Sainte- Chapelle
this chapel is one of the most beautiful chapels in the world.  The walls are all stain glass, and at sunrise and sunset it is absolutely beautiful to see the light reflect through the glass.  They have hour long concertos almost every night, between the acoustics and the lighting it will leave you speechless.  We will hear Vivaldi and Pachelbel, 2 of my favorite composers.  If you ever find yourself in Paris, this is the one thing you should add to your list.

After the first day we are on the move.  Our walk through the city will take us to 
 Tuileries Garden

 Arc de Trimophe

Champs- Elysees

and finally we will end up here

We will go and see some of the greatest pieces of art here

Monet finest work here
Musee d'Orsay

 Rodin's sculptures

and end the day with a tour of the catacombs

well technically I plan to end each day with this

we will visit the artist square at Montmarte
where I hope each of my children find one piece of art they truly want

We have a day trip planned to Normandy, something I have never done but have always wanted to do.
Omaha Beach

We have been study up on D day and we just watched Saving Private Ryan, I have heard it is eerie and life changing to see the remains of D day first hand.

Of course my daughter and I have our day planned

the moroccan hot chocolate is to die for!!!

we will take a boat ride

a bike ride

and lots and lots of people watching

 its the best!!

a bien tot!!!


  1. Will you adopt me please? :-)

    I'm happy to say I did most of those things on my 1 trip to Paris however I love the concerto in the chapel at dusk. That sounds incredible.

    Also going to Normandy will be so moving. Post lots of pics on FB please!

  2. Jill,

    Would you mind reaching out to me via email with more detailed recommendations? My husband and I are doing a South of France trip in September and are spending 4-5 days in Paris at the end of the trip. I've been so busy planning the southern France portion, I haven't focused any energy on Paris (which is essentially a trip in itself). I'd love your recommendations on where to stay, places to eat, etc. (I would also secretly love a copy of your entire itinerary - ha!) My husband has only been to Paris once with a group in high school, so we need to revisit most of the "touristy" things.

    Would so appreciate any help you can provide.



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