Friday, September 27, 2013

Girl Friday

This weekend involves a lot of friends and a lot of kind of weekend!!

Tonight we are out with 3 other couples

Saturday downtown, Taste of St Louis.  All the top restaurants will have booths where you can sample their best dishes.  I love me a good street fair!!

Saturday night, I am breaking in my friends new house and pool

I am thinking of making this as my appetizer

and then on Sunday after a morning of paddle boarding

I am having my family over for Sunday night dinner

Have a beautiful weekend!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Staples

With the start of each season I always pick up a few pieces that I just know I will most likely wear to death.  

These pants are amazing, they fit like a glove and like everything from lululemon they hold you in all the right places.  I have no intention of wearing these to the gym, these are my going out pants!!

I love leather somewhere in my fall outfits and I love peplum so this top was perfect.  They had this top paired with skinny white jeans in the store and thats when I knew I had to get it.  Since it is still pretty warm here in STL I feel like I can still pull off the white jeans, now come January not so much.

 I stopped in Old Navy because they have THE BEST costumes for kids and I walked right past these 2 sweatshirts and they somehow ended up in my bag.  They are on sale for $10, what a steal!!

And finally I though this would be perfect for the upcoming holiday season and all the parties.  I hate when it is freezing outside so you need a coat, then when you walk into a party it is 100 degrees but now you have this thick and heavy coat...problem solved.

The website says this jacket is pre-order but if you must have it today check your store, this was in stock at mine

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

All About Fall

This weekend we had that big change in temperature which means only 1 thing... It is officially fall.

Time for apple picking

and apple pie

chunky sweaters

and cozy scarves

time to squeeze in one last dinner outside

and of course the arrival of the PSL

I took advantage of a couple free hours I had on Sunday to plant some fall flowers and do some work outside.  Of course I got a little inspiration from pinterest

like everything once you own a home, it is a work in progress but I hope to be finished by this weekend!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Girl Friday

Last weekend was so crazy I am looking forward to a more laid back one.  I personally don't have much running around to do and that is good because once again there is no shortage of things going on.

Tonight, balloon glow in Forest Park.  Saturday is the great balloon race and tonight is the reception to kick off the fun.  All the balloons are brought to the center field in our city park and they light up the sky with the flames from the balloons.  It really is a beautiful sight!!

And then on Saturday afternoon is the great balloon race.  We just sit on our deck sipping wine and we can watch the balloons race over our house.
Last year's balloon race, right over my house

We also have a carnival in town this weekend
not my favorite thing, but the kids love it

I love street fair/festivals and we have another one this weekend
Jazz Festival

I am hoping to squeeze in a dinner with the hubs too before Monday rolls around

Have a beautiful weekend!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reality Check

This 3 minute video is a reminder of the goodness of humankind!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Scenes From My Weekend

The tell tale sign that you had a fun yet exhausting weekend is the fact that it is Wednesday and I am just now writing about it.

Friday night I took some girls to an indoor rock climbing wall, all I can say is that is was EXHAUSTING.  It looks so easy from the ground,  you just gently and gracefully climb up the wall to the top, um not at all!!  It took awhile just to figure out where to put your hands and feet and then you were grabbing these small rocks for dear life.  In the end it was a great workout, and it really was fun.

Afterwards I could barley hold my fondue fork

Saturday morning by 8am I was next door helping my friend with the finishing touches for the party.  We worked straight through until about 3 and I think our efforts paid off.  Her yard looked beautiful

The goody bags filled with French Macarons

my dessert table

I think my friends would kill me if I posted any more pictures from the party, those girls can be a little wild and crazy!!

It was a great night and we raised a lot of money for our school, which was really the reason for any of this.  The party finally ended at 3am when the cops told us to all go home, you know its a good party when that happens!! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Girl Friday

My middle child had a birthday on Wednesday so tonight is her party.  She invited a couple girls and we are heading downtown to Upper Limits for a little climbing

some parties are painful, like when I have to watch 10 kids running around Chuck E Cheese, but this one I am excited about.  I plan on climbing to the summit with the girls.

After we are finished climbing we are heading to The Melting Pot for a birthday dinner

Saturday is the big party, I have been working on the dessert table and I think it is almost ready

My friend has spared no expense for this party, she lives next door and I have seen a florist, beer delivery truck, a lighting company that has strung her yard with white lights, and a rental company that has erected a tent in her back yard.

It is going to be fabulous!!

The party will unofficially start at 4 when some girls and I take our fabulous host for a blow out

along with champs

Sunday I already know that I will most likely need this


and this

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Party Time

I am co chair of my daughter's school auction on November 2, the theme of the auction is "A Night in Paris" so it couldn't be more perfect in my opinion.  Every night my mind is racing with fun ideas, party favors, and possible auction items with a Paris theme.  

This Saturday one of my besties is having a party to benefit the auction.  She is having a cocktails, dinner, and dancing all under a tent in her backyard, the deal is that instead of bringing her a hostess gift you make a monetary donation to the school and we will use the money to buy something for the auction.  The money we raise on Saturday is going towards an apartment in Paris for a week,  the hubs has been well informed of this.

I am in charge of the dessert table this Saturday, thanks to good ol Pinterest my job is considerably easier.  In honor of Paris, I am sticking to desserts that are petit and mainly pink.  

Champagne is a dessert right?

I love planning a party!!