Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Staples

With the start of each season I always pick up a few pieces that I just know I will most likely wear to death.  

These pants are amazing, they fit like a glove and like everything from lululemon they hold you in all the right places.  I have no intention of wearing these to the gym, these are my going out pants!!

I love leather somewhere in my fall outfits and I love peplum so this top was perfect.  They had this top paired with skinny white jeans in the store and thats when I knew I had to get it.  Since it is still pretty warm here in STL I feel like I can still pull off the white jeans, now come January not so much.

 I stopped in Old Navy because they have THE BEST costumes for kids and I walked right past these 2 sweatshirts and they somehow ended up in my bag.  They are on sale for $10, what a steal!!

And finally I though this would be perfect for the upcoming holiday season and all the parties.  I hate when it is freezing outside so you need a coat, then when you walk into a party it is 100 degrees but now you have this thick and heavy coat...problem solved.

The website says this jacket is pre-order but if you must have it today check your store, this was in stock at mine


  1. Love those pants!! I live in my lululemon pants. :-)

  2. Love the leather top and I think I need one of those sweatshirts to promote my blog!!