Friday, September 20, 2013

Girl Friday

Last weekend was so crazy I am looking forward to a more laid back one.  I personally don't have much running around to do and that is good because once again there is no shortage of things going on.

Tonight, balloon glow in Forest Park.  Saturday is the great balloon race and tonight is the reception to kick off the fun.  All the balloons are brought to the center field in our city park and they light up the sky with the flames from the balloons.  It really is a beautiful sight!!

And then on Saturday afternoon is the great balloon race.  We just sit on our deck sipping wine and we can watch the balloons race over our house.
Last year's balloon race, right over my house

We also have a carnival in town this weekend
not my favorite thing, but the kids love it

I love street fair/festivals and we have another one this weekend
Jazz Festival

I am hoping to squeeze in a dinner with the hubs too before Monday rolls around

Have a beautiful weekend!!


  1. Sounds fun!! My kids would love a carnival too but I'm terrified of them getting lost. I'm such a weirdo.

    I'm going to a Taco Fest on Saturday. Woot woot. :-)

  2. Love jazz festivals...enjoy:)