Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Party Time

I am co chair of my daughter's school auction on November 2, the theme of the auction is "A Night in Paris" so it couldn't be more perfect in my opinion.  Every night my mind is racing with fun ideas, party favors, and possible auction items with a Paris theme.  

This Saturday one of my besties is having a party to benefit the auction.  She is having a cocktails, dinner, and dancing all under a tent in her backyard, the deal is that instead of bringing her a hostess gift you make a monetary donation to the school and we will use the money to buy something for the auction.  The money we raise on Saturday is going towards an apartment in Paris for a week,  the hubs has been well informed of this.

I am in charge of the dessert table this Saturday, thanks to good ol Pinterest my job is considerably easier.  In honor of Paris, I am sticking to desserts that are petit and mainly pink.  

Champagne is a dessert right?

I love planning a party!!


  1. Love that theme!!!!! There's also petit fours, chocolate eclairs, and macarons! I've seen champagne filled chocolates at the candy store before! I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Oooh so fun! Love all of your inspiration pics. Yes, champagne is a dessert for sure! :) Have fun, and you have to show us pictures after the event.

  3. I love the apartment in Paris for a week. Yes please! That sounds like a really fun party!

  4. How fun....love planning a party:)

  5. Oh I love the theme! So fun to plan a party!