Friday, October 16, 2015

Girl Friday

I have not done a post in months talking about my weekend.  I am finally posting about my weekend, and it really will not be that exciting.

Tonight it is ladies night, I am meeting a friend for a girls only, let's catch up meal

plus I get to cross off a restaurant that has been on my "must try" list

The rest of my weekend will be all about my kids.  
Saturday, I am taking my 6 year old downtown for the Pumpkin Express
it's like the Polar Express but for Halloween

Then it is all about my oldest son.  He is a sophomore in high school and it's homecoming weekend, and he is not old enough to drive and the hubs is out of town (wow the stars aligned on that one)

First I will be running all over town getting him ready

then we are hosting the pre dance dinner

then it's off to the dance

and then there is the after party.
He is a little bit of wisdom I have learned....Always host the pre dance events.  As an adult I don't want to be involved in the after party shenanigans and be responsible for a pack of teenagers late night.

I will be picking him and his date up at the end of the night.  He is too young to drive, to young to uber it home (and that would be weird with the whole date thing)  so it will be me.

I feel like Morgan Freeman

and Sunday the weekend of my son continues as we go to a college fair. (eek)  Here is what I am discovering....
Being a sophomore is NOT to early to start looking, actually it is time to get on the ball

You have to have so much more then grades on your side, you need sports, you need clubs, you need to volunteer, you need a job, you need lots and lots of extra curricular activities

Getting into a college is MUCH MUCH more difficult then when I went.  Again, in addition to a high GPA you basically need to find a cure for cancer, plus wipe out world hunger.

oy vey!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Hello October

I sound like a broken record over here but why is time moving faster and faster??  I know, its not time it's me, I just need to slow myself down maybe!!

The hubs and I celebrated the return of school year with a little getaway for us adults and it was fabulous.  The Ritz at Half Moon Bay, California has been on Dr. Beautiful's list for years and last month we crossed that one off.  As expected, it was perfection.

You feel like you are driving up to castle when you enter the property

a room with a view

in true Ritz form, you are serenaded by a bagpiper every night at sunset

Once the sun goes down, the fire pits all over the property go up...

We got up before sunrise one day for an early morning bike ride...

and I couldn't get enough of the seals (or sea lions)

We checked out the town of Half Moon Bay (darling)

and met some friends in nearby Palo Alto for dinner

they knew we were coming...

We also spent a day in the little seaside town of Santa Cruz

with an awesome arcade

and mounds of seals (or sea lions)

The drive back up the PCH was beautiful

we made it back to catch the sunset

We spent our last day and night in San Francisco

and visited Alcatraz 

so cool plus I got a bonus history lesson

Our last meal of our trip was hands down the best!!

OMG this was so good!!

It was the perfect 5 day trip.  

Time to plan a new vacation;)