Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween!!
Today I am going to try and not do one thing for our auction on Saturday and enjoy the holiday with my kids!!

The Louis Vuitton purse had been bought and ready for the raffle

the flowers have been ordered

and we did a trial run of what the centerpieces will look like...
because Friday night I am getting together with my friends and we need to make 30.

The menu has been ordered and is ready to go

and the desserts are ready for pick up

Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that this all comes together on Saturday.   I feel like I am planning my wedding reception all over again, but I am fairly certain I am not leaving for Turk and Caicos on Sunday!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Scenes from my Weekend

I had such a fun weekend with Heather, weekends spent with friends makes me realize how lucky I am to know so many fabulous, genuine women!!

We started our weekend on Friday with a late lunch at our very famous (well at least in STL) tea room. This tea room is famous for 2 things...
their amaze-balls salad

and the hand-made cherry dresses for little girls.

After I picked up my kiddos from school and got them off to where they needed to be it was happy hour!!
We started off with my new favorite

then it was time for our massages....

and after, a little more wine and some munchies

Saturday we decided to hit up the new outlet mall that opened in August
I found a few things, but Heather made out like a bandit!!

Saturday night we did a little restaurant tour of St. Louis.  We got all dressed up and headed to the Central West End

Our first stop was Central Table Food Hall.  We sat at the bar

ate some sushi

and ordered from their extensive wine list

we had so much fun we missed our second reservation and went straight to our third...

where we had martinis 

and the most amazing artichoke ever!!

Needless to say I was not the best hostess to Heather Sunday morning!!  However after getting her to the airport and taking a much needed nap, I rallied in time to celebrate my son's birthday
Dinner at Maggianos, that where every 14 year old boy wants to eat apparently.

And now it is crunch time, our auction is in 5 days!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Girl Friday


My girl Heather, is coming to STL for the weekend!!

Don't want to give to much away but I have a fun filled weekend planned!!

It involves this...



and lots of goods times

I love playing hostess to my friends and since this is her first visit to St. Louis I have to do it up right!!  

Cheers to a girls weekend!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Hunt for the Perfect Clutch

I have been to see a chiropractor twice this past week with dull, chronic lower back pain.  I had my very first adjustment (totally recommend that) and some electrolysis.  Something is working because my back feels so much better.  I have been trying to figure out what is causing my pain and one possibility is my purse.  I LOVE big purses, I mean the bigger the better and I stuff my purses with everything but the kitchen sink.  I must admit when I am walking around with my 10 pound purse I start to feel it,  and I am thinking this is not helping my back at all.

When I go out on the weekends I usually trade in my big bag for a clutch.  Not only does this give my back a break but I think a clutch is the perfect touch of fancy for a night out.  The other day I took my daughter to Forever 21 and I ended up buying the cutest clutch ever, only drawback... your contents have to be cute.

so now I am on the hunt for some cute clutches, for medical reasons of course...

doctors orders, I have to stop carrying a heavy bag!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Girl Friday

We have a nice low key weekend ahead of us, and sometimes that is just what we need.

My daughter is off school today so we are going on a girl scout outing. 
a little hiking

a little horseback riding

a little marshmallow roasting around the campfire.  This is where it ends for me, after that I am heading home 

and to something a little better in front of the fire

Saturday after all the sporting activities are over, we are finally hitting up the pumpkin patch

and Saturday night I am doing something I have not done in years.  The hubs is working so I am going our with my friend and we are spending the whole night shopping for fabulous dresses for our auction in 2 weeks...

then grabbing my favorite late night dinner!

Have a beautiful weekend!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Bling Ring

I am co-chair of my daughter's school auction in a couple of weeks, and one of my first jobs was to come up with a theme.  This was a no brainer for me "A Night in Paris".  This auction has kept me so incredibly busy this past month, but a good/fun busy.  In sticking with the French theme I came up with a really fun game of chance on auction night that I am so excited about!!

L'anneau Bling
(The bling ring)

To start, we will be selling 120 bling rings auction night.
The cost of each bling ring $50, and you get to wear your flashy diamond all night long.

Now this is where it gets good!!

One lucky girl will pick the winning ring.  I wanted the prize to be something French and something absolutely fabulous, my obvious choice...
A Louis Vuitton Bag (eek)

Tomorrow afternoon I am picking up the bag.  I have full discretion on the size, cost, material, everything.  I decided that we should definitely go with the classic monogram and have narrowed down my options...

I mean you can't go wrong with any of these choices but I am definitely thinking which one would I want to win.