Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jump, Jump!

I LOVE a good jumpsuit but I personally feel like this is a very hard look to pull off.  First off, you must be tall, I am 5'8 and I average being tall enough for a jumpsuit about 50% of the time.  Second, you have to make sure the waistline hits you at just the right spot, too high you are now wearing some sort of mom pant and too low and you look like a sack of potatoes

I am on the hunt for a cute jumpsuit for the Fall but that requires actually trying them on.  I have been so busy (I know, everyone is busy) that I have had no time to shop this past month.  This makes my hubby very happy!!

 I love this one from Zara

especially the back

If you or someone you know can pull this off go for it!!  I love it but I also know my limitations

This one seems perfect for the last days of indian summer (plus its on sale)

Your basic black jumpsuits for nights out

and then my absolute favorite!!

1 comment:

  1. You would look so good in a jumpsuit!! I am just a little too tall and they hit me in all the wrong places like you described. :-)

    Thank you for your sweet comment - made my day.