Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Scenes From My Weekend

The tell tale sign that you had a fun yet exhausting weekend is the fact that it is Wednesday and I am just now writing about it.

Friday night I took some girls to an indoor rock climbing wall, all I can say is that is was EXHAUSTING.  It looks so easy from the ground,  you just gently and gracefully climb up the wall to the top, um not at all!!  It took awhile just to figure out where to put your hands and feet and then you were grabbing these small rocks for dear life.  In the end it was a great workout, and it really was fun.

Afterwards I could barley hold my fondue fork

Saturday morning by 8am I was next door helping my friend with the finishing touches for the party.  We worked straight through until about 3 and I think our efforts paid off.  Her yard looked beautiful

The goody bags filled with French Macarons

my dessert table

I think my friends would kill me if I posted any more pictures from the party, those girls can be a little wild and crazy!!

It was a great night and we raised a lot of money for our school, which was really the reason for any of this.  The party finally ended at 3am when the cops told us to all go home, you know its a good party when that happens!! 


  1. First, that party looks nicer than most wedding receptions I've been to. Your dessert table is gorgeous!!

    And you got shut down by the PoPo? OK you are every bit as fabulous as I know you are.

    I wish you posted what you wore!!

  2. I love the table settings and your dessert table looks amazing:)Delighted ye had a fabulous night!