Thursday, January 28, 2016


Totally obsessed with the new Nike + Sacai  collaboration

 I mean, I don't know if I should work out or go out!!

Obsessed with these 2 nail colors
Essie Merino Cool

Essie Full Steam Ahead

Obsessed with this chandelier
In my mind this is already hanging in my house.

Obsessed with this cover-up
along with the rest of the internet

Obsessed with this mask
your face will feel amazing

Obsessed with this book
and then was so excited to read this!!

Obsessed with these pants

and this top
they just look so damn comfortable

finally, obsessed with this show
now the hubs and I are not that far along but here are my thoughts

*he is innocent
*the police force is very corrupt
*I cannot believe this was not a mistrial
*people will do just about anything if they are on the hook for 36million

now I might just retract all of this after I watch a few more episodes.


  1. LOVE this post and I need that Nike top and the black top also.

    This is so crazy but my parent's neighbor's daughter was best friends with Teresa Halbach. (Did you catch that?) :-) I actually remember my mom telling me when Teresa was missing! And how upset Abbey her friend was. Don't ask anyone in Wisconsin because they are convinced of his guilt and go ballistic over this series. My mother wants to boycott Netflix. She is very upset and doesn't want to be confused with "the evidence". I can't even discuss it with her (bless her heart). Manitowoc is about an hour from where I grew up and Steven Avery is in the Waupun State Penitentiary. That's the town where I went to High School. Waupun is the closest town to my parent's farm house. When I was a kid we would go to the Waupun Library which is across the street from The Big House. CRAZY right?

  2. I need that face mask. The Nike collection looks so pretty, but I am not that cool. I can't watch making a murderer right now. I am too sensitive, but my husband is super into it. I enjoyed that book too!

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