Wednesday, June 19, 2013


My sister has gone back to Detroit so things have calmed down for about a New York minute around here.  Tomorrow morning I am taking off for Michigan with the kids so I have some serious packing to do.

With my mind racing with what to pack, I also have random thoughts filling my brain.

I am kind of digging this new show.  I know women are upset that there is a show that glamorizes being a mistress, but I don't think this show makes it pretty at all.  In fact it is sad, lonely and pathetic but still good to watch

I made the slow cooker chicken philly sandwiches last week and they were delicious.  My sister and I are always joking that we need to create a board for pinterest called "Meals I made that taste like crap" this one would definitely NOT be on that board

I am obsessed with this Lilly cover up

My in laws just got a paddle board for the lake

so I had to pick up a new little outfit

My birthday is this Sunday, just a few small things I want...
this karaoke machine is the best, my friend has it and we spend hours and hours singing.  This playlist is endless and it is all current songs, not the best of Patsy Cline

I also need a new camera bag, this one keeps catching my eye.  No matter how you slice it a camera bag is big and bulky, but this one seems to do the trick and still looks a little stylish

Have a beautiful day!!


  1. Jelly that you have a camera that needs its own bag! Yes there should definitely be a Pinterest board for Pinterest recipe fails! Have fun in Michigan!

  2. Happy Early Birthday!! Have a great weekend. We are going to Wisconsin. Not to my parents, but to some of Rich's extended family. Should be fun!

    That karaoke machine is the bomb! I want one too.

  3. Have fun at the lake! And that LP coverup is seriously cute!

  4. Have a fab time in Michigan! That camera bag is gorgeous:)

  5. The colours in that cover up are simply stunning

  6. I need to give Mistresses another shot, i watched one episode and could not get into it. Love that cover up and drooling over that chicken philly!!