Friday, June 14, 2013

Girl Friday, Dr Beautiful Edition

This is a big weekend for the hubs!

Today is our wedding anniversary...
 and we are celebrating by throwing a dinner party for my dad's birthday and having my sister come to town.  I am really excited about how my deck looks, the hubs did a great job hanging my white lights, love them!!  

Tomorrow is Dr. Beautiful's birthday...

I have a nice little day planned for him..
early morning brunch

Then off to the golf course.  My son is playing in a golf tournament Saturday, he is currently ranked in the top 8 of 13 year old boys across STL.  He tees off at 9 am

After his match, we are heading downtown with my sisters and their hubbies for a little in-town overnight.  We are checking into my favorite hotel....

and we should be pool side by noon...

Saturday night, a little birthday dinner at a new restaurant right around the corner from our hotel...

then on Sunday it is father's day...

Dr. Beautiful actually has to work on Sunday so I will spend the day with my sisters hanging out with my dad, then bring the hubs favorite dinner up to the hospital...

Have a beautiful weekend!!


  1. Happy anniversary Jill....enjoy your weekend and good luck to your son in the golf!

  2. That looks like a FABULOUS weekend ahead! Have a great time with all of your celebrating!

  3. That is so great about Matthew!! You know who is obsessed with golf? Henry!!! And he has a mean swing too. :-)

    I'm in a US Open Golf betting pool. The purse is $375 and currently I'm number 2!!!

    What a fun weekend. Right about now you should be poolside at that fabulous hotel. I swear I'm taking the train to St. Louis and going to stay at that hotel, so I can visit you. When the kids are a little older! Or I'll leave them home and come this winter? :-)

    Happy Anniversary!