Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lucite Love

I have always had a fondness for lucite, especially when incorporated in a shoe.  I know, I know when this is done cheaply, or the entire shoe is lucite, they can be "stripper shoes" but when it is done right and tastefully, I think you have the perfect shoe with a pop of something unexpected.

I am happy to see that lots of lucite can be found on the shoes for this fast approaching Spring.  Here are a few of my favorites...

and again here...


and for those of us still experiencing winter, a little lucite bootie...


  1. Love the first pair! I love coral mixed with any shade of blue!

  2. All these are so hot and not remotely stripperish!

  3. Love the colours in the French Connection pair:)

  4. I love every shoe! The DVF may be a front runner!

  5. I remember my mom sporting lucite shoes back in the day, I LOVED them, still do!! Love the Via Spiga's, so adorable.

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