Friday, May 23, 2014

Girl Friday, Summer Edition

Summer will officially begin today at 10am when school is dismissed for the year.  After dismissal we have our annual school outing to 6 Flags...
I go once a year and today is that day.

After 6 Flags I am meeting up with the hubs for a post golf tournament that he is playing in happy hour...
If he get a hole in one today he will win a million dollars (fingers crossed)

Tomorrow morning my son will officially end his grade school career and become a high schooler

I know he is getting older because Saturday night he gets to choose the restaurant for our family dinner.  He did not choose Dave and Busters or worse Ci Ci's pizza, he choose one of my favorites in town...

Sunday is his big party, I think I am ready for the burger bar...

and I can't wait to see how excited the boys will be when this pulls up

Monday I plan on doing a whole lot of this

Have a beautiful weekend!!


  1. Hope you had a lovely weekend:)

  2. How was 6 flags? Do you go on the scary rides? I discovered this weekend that I'm a chicken and so is Keira!

    I bet you're so happy school is out! Henry has until June 20. It's crazy!