Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mile High City

2 weekends ago the hubs and I went to Denver to visit my brother and sister in law and now I completely understand the attraction to that city

We usually fly right over Denver on our way to the mountains, but this time we decided to stay in the city.

Denver is a big, small city.  There really is no urban sprawl so everything is contained in a small area, everyone uses their bikes as a mode of transportation (love it),  and we had perfect weather our weekend.  My brother in law also made sure we hit his favorite restaurants so we had a big eating and drinking weekend (love it)

Friday we arrive just in time for lunch

and his favorite roof top spot

and our weekend officially begun

After a little cat nap for the hubby at our hotel and a quick change we were off again.

happy hour at Jerry and Kari's place...

then onto dinner

and pretty much the rest of our night...

Saturday morning, after the ibuprofen kicked in I was off with Kari for a bike ride in the mountains..

We drove about 15 minutes outside of the city and we were in God's country
Red Rocks

Can I just add here that biking up a mountain is really hard, it looks so easy but it really is not, at all!!

We made it back into the city for a late lunch and a pub crawl via bikes

then we showered and changed and went in for round 2

and my best meal all weekend

Thank God I went on that bike ride to counter act all my calorie consumption!!

I am still in detox


  1. That looks like a fun weekend. I have never been to Colorado. I am a bad sister that I haven't visited my brother. He is coming for Memorial Day weekend and I can't wait to see him! He bikes all over the place. You can't live there if you don't like biking? :-)

  2. That looks like a lovely weekend! Way to go on the bike ride!

  3. You sure had a fabulous weekend away Jill:) Lovely photos!