Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This and That

I cannot believe the school year is over in less than 2 weeks!!  I for one am ready for the end of the morning rat race, the homework, and the after school activities.  I am ready to spend my days lounging poolside and my nights sipping cocktails on my deck!!

The end of the school year also means that us moms are really busy.  There is always so much to do with our kids before the school year ends, I have hardly anytime for anything else.

Monday night I did have a chance to make this healthy banana chocolate chip bread and it was amazing
my family gobbled the entire loaf for breakfast on Tuesday morning.

My oldest child is graduating 8th grade (yikes) so I have been busy planning a party for a bunch of 14 year old boys.  We have decided to do a burger bar

as a surprise for all the boys we also have a game truck coming

Today I am letting my daughter skip school so we can have a special day.  On her to do list..


I have my book club (wine club) tonight and we are discussing one of the many great books I have read recently

and finally my daughter was so busy on Mother's Day making me bath products.
Hand made gifts are the BEST, plus girl knows the way to my heart!!


  1. The school year seems to fly by now....I will be so glad of the rest too:) The burger bar and game truck idea sounds fab!

  2. My kids have 23 days left. I think it's b/c of all the cold weather days? We have them both signed up for summer camp. I can't wait until June-August b/c I'm taking a ton of vacation time myself!!

    OK what is a game truck? That is amazeballs!! You are seriously the coolest mom ever. Also love the Burger Bar idea!