Friday, August 26, 2011

Girl Friday

Tonight, Dr Beautiful and I are going to dinner at a new restaurant in a part of town that we rarely go to, even though it is 5 minutes away......

Back to school cocktail party, Saturday night
Sunday, I am seeing a movie with a friend, so excited because this is one of my all time favorite books.....then grabbing my favorite salad afterwards.
Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Per your recommendation, I read "Sarah's Key." Loved it, too!

    Have a fun weekend.

    By the way, I simply adore a wedge salad. Yum!

  2. Looks like you will have a fab weekend!Enjoy!!

  3. You always have the best weekend plans! I am reading Sarah's Key right now and love it!

  4. Have a great weekend!!! Love the idea of back to school cocktails!

  5. Sounds like the perfect weekend! I am reading Hunger Games and after that I"m reading Sarah's Key! Have a great time this weekend! xo Lisa

  6. So jealous you're going to see Sarah's Key!! I will wait until it comes out on DVD. Let me know how you like it. I bet it will be very emotional?

    OMG I love the classic wedge salad too. It's my favorite. :-)

  7. Dear Jill,
    We recently got back from Florida. Hubby had went golfing one afternoon and I snuck off another day to see The Help while we were there(he and Baby Girl spent the afternoon together).

    I heard Sarah's Key was a great read. Enjoy!