Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here's the skinny!

Now that summer is winding down, I find it much harder to resist the temptations of sinful foods. I am no longer thinking, "I've got to put on a bikini today", and the layers of sweaters can definitely hide the few extra pounds that can sneak up on us. I am going into fall, armed and ready!

I like to start off the day with a bowl of greek yogurt. This is much better than our yogurt, less sugar, and fewer calories....
Greek yogurt is definitely an acquired taste so I like to add honey, peanut butter and graham crackers or whatever fresh fruit I have on hand.
My lunch is actually from my trainer. She gave me some great healthy options and this is my favorite. You need string cheese....

and you just wrap a piece of turkey around your string cheese and you have the perfect, light lunch.

Usually by 3pm I am craving an afternoon snack. My new favorite is the Special K Cracker Chips, with sea salt...
dipped in a little supremely spicy hummus.These popchips are another of my "go to" for an afternoon snack.

When I have a sweet tooth, these granola thins satisfy my craving. A thin granola bar with a little chocolate (and only 80 calories!)I wash down my snacks with my favorite low-cal drinks. Starbucks Via caramel flavor iced coffee. I add a pack of the coffee to boiling water, stir, then add ice to chill and top it off with a little skim milk. Only about 55 calories....not bad
but my all time favorite is club soda, I am loving the coconut flavor that will only be around for a few more weeks. The best part, no calories!!
Here's to a skinny fall!!


  1. That Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus is the best, isn't it? Since I tried it, I haven't bought another flavor!

  2. I love those granola thins as well! They're the perfect afternoon treat with a cup of coffee! Amazing how it is so low in calories yet it still tastes yummy!

  3. thanks for the tips! I try to maintain my healthy diet at school but it's hard!

  4. Great tips. I have already gained a few punds from my summer of boozing and binge eating! I need to do the turkey/string cheese thing for lunch!

  5. I love "Pop Chips." Trader Joe's make "Baked Lentil Chips" that are really good dipped in hummus. Low cal, too.

    Okay, LP is having their online "Endless Summer Sale." I picked up some of my favorite tanks, Callahan shorts, and the most beautiful black dress (Regular price $368. Sale price:$99.) I am in need of your shoe advice. I just posted a picture. Do you think those KS gold ones would go or should I stick with black?

    Thanks for any advice you can give. Love your taste!

  6. This is what I should be eating instead of what I have up on my post today!!

  7. Okay, I've tried most of these things, but never the La Croix or Starbucks Via Brew...definitely going to give those a try!! Thanks for the suggestions!

  8. The granola thins and pop chips are some of my new favs! They give you the sweet and savory that you crave without being so naughty!