Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I adore this picture of SJP. She is head to toe in Burberry and I think she looks like perfection!! I am a huge fan of the military inspired look for the fall, but at $1295 just for the jacket, this look can be a little pricey!After searching I found this cute little military jacket for a fraction of the cost.
I know, I know, it is nowhere near the fabulousness that is on Ms. Parker but a trend is a trend and most likely we won't be wearing military in 2011, so I can justify the $78 for this jacket. It really really needs to cool down so I can start wearing all these jackets and boots that are collecting dust in my closet!


  1. Agreed, I adore this outfit!! and her hair looks amazing too! But seriously who wants to shell out that kind of money for a jacket. Cute cheap version!

  2. The color of her coat is so pretty. I love the one you found though too!!

  3. I'm so out of it...I didn't even know these jackets were "in." Sheesh...

    They are awesome! I love the one SJP is wearing, but, way too expensive! I like your "knock off!" Too cool! Looks great with the jeans!

    By the way, the "mooning" photo was not taken in my front yard! LOL! Someone "mooned" me with it today, so I mooned my readers. Take it and pass it along, if you'd like! :)

  4. The military look seems to come back every few years, I really need to make sure to hang on to my pieces and start treating them as classics.
    I think your alternative find is fab! :-)

  5. SJP really does look flawless in that photo, I am in love with her jacket!

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