Friday, October 29, 2010

Cheer, Cheer for Ol Notre Dame

We are off again! This weekend Dan and I are just taking the 2 older kids for a fun weekend. Our first stop is Chicago. We will be in the windy city Friday night, visiting with my brother and sister in law, Mike and Emily (and I can finally give them their wedding present)

Saturday, Dan, Matthew, Mike, and Emily are heading over to South Bend for the ND football game. Dan's sister and her family are also coming down from Michigan to South Bend for the game. Libby and I have a fabulous day planned in Chicago. My first stop is to meet my sweet blogger friend, Heather, for lunch. When I say meet, I mean meet for the very first time!! Heather and I became fast friends because of blogging, we have so much in common. I am so excited (and nervous) to meet her. There was a reason I stumbled upon her blog, became a follower, and hit it off instantly with her. When I think about blogging I think of all the beautiful, smart, and funny friends I have made. My blogging has done nothing but enrich my life, so thank you to all my blogger friends. You all have a special place in my heart. I can't tell you, how reading comments you leave just makes my day!!

After lunch with Heather, Libby and I are making a stop at the American Girl Store and of course Michigan Ave. The boys will be back in the city Saturday night for dinner, then Sunday morning we need to head home early for all the Halloween festivities!!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween and of course beautiful weather Sunday night!!


  1. Your weekend sounds great. I love Chicago. No trip with a little girl would be complete without a stop at the American Doll store. How exciting for Libby.

    How awesome for you as well. Not only do you get to spend the day with your daughter, but you get to meet Heather as well. Don't be nervous. Everything will be fine. If you've hit it off in the blogging world, it will be that much better in person.

    Wishing you a safe trip. Have fun!

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Your weekend sounds like so much fun! I hope you have a great time in Chicago, and I hope your kids get tons of candy on Halloween! Have a great day!

  3. Have a wonderful weekend!! Happy Halloween!

  4. Can't wait!! Have a save trip! (I think you might already be here). See you tomorrow. yippeee!

  5. Hello...I just found your blog....super cute!!

    Sounds like a great weekend....:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
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