Thursday, October 14, 2010

A New Adventure

About 10 years ago, my in laws were very involved with the founding of a new school in St. Louis. Loyola AcademyLoyola Academy is a middle school for inner city boys with potential. The Board of Directors will go to inner city schools and seek out boys that have the potential and desire for a better life. The deal with Loyola Academy is that if the boys work to their fullest potential and stay out of trouble, private high school and college will be paid for. My in laws are still extremely involved with the school, but now that the school is established they are more hands on. They will work the library, tutor, process paperwork etc.

I have known for years that my in laws have always hoped that their children would become involved and as passionate about this school as they are. Dan is one of four. His sister lives in Michigan and his brothers live in Chicago and NYC. That leaves me and Dan. This sounds so dismissive when I write this, but Dan really has no time. I, however, do have time. Starting today, every Thursday I will read with/to these boys for 1/2 hour. They have quiet time right before lunch. Many of these boys are below their reading levels and need the one on one time. Loyola Academy does not have the faculty and staff to accommodate every child, so they need volunteers. I am really excited about this. I taught for 6 years before I had children so it will be nice to be back in the classroom. My mother in law assures me that these boys will steal my heart!!

Coincidentally, The Cupcakery, which I just wrote about yesterday, is a few blocks from the school.

On a side note, was anyone else glued to the TV yesterday watching the miners come out one by one? I love how fox and friends told the story of each miner. Did you hear that 1 miner ran 6 miles in the tunnels everyday!! Amazing!!!


  1. Such a great school!!! I don't know a ton about it but that is so wonderful that you'll be reading to them once a week!!!

  2. This is truly wonderful! And I think The Cupcakery being so close to where you'll be volunteering is good karma for your good deed :-)

  3. I just saw the Blind Side last night and this reminds me a little of that story. How wonderful Dan's family helped found this school and now you can get involved. :-)