Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, Monday!!

This Friday I am leaving to go out of town to visit my best friend from college, Jodie. She is turning 40 and decided to have a birthday/Halloween costume party. The jury is still out with me on how I feel about a costume party. It has been 5 years since I last got together will all my college friends, I want to look fabulous when I see everyone. Sometimes it is hard to look fab when you are wearing a Barak O'Bama mask or maybe a Snookie wig. On the flip side, I never dress up, it really is fun, plus you can use your costume as your excuse for acting crazy.

My obvious first choice was Lady Gaga. What I realized while searching for her costume is that she is 24, with a personal trainer, and not an ounce of body fat and I am 39 with 3 kids. I mean, my old college boyfriend might be at this party, I can't go running around in this......

or this.......I think I need something with a little more coverage. Don't get me wrong, I will still wear a bikini to the pool, but wearing something the size of a bikini to a party is totally different. I decided I needed to go another route. In my search for a costume this is what I have discovered. If you are 20 or older, every costume is slutty.
slutty nurse
slutty Little Red Riding Hood
the traditional Halloween witch slut
and what is Halloween without the slutty nun.

I started to panic Sunday afternoon, I am on an early morning flight on Friday and time was of the essence. I have a busy week and it is so hard to shop with a toddler. I needed to find something, and I needed it right then. I ended up with......

slutty gypsy.

I have leggings that I am wearing under my costume, Dan informed me when I tried it on that it left little to the imagination, if you know what I mean!! It is actually kind of cute with leggings. Too bad I didn't have this costume on Saturday, I could of worn it out for date night!!


  1. I bet you will be an adorable gypsy! Have so much fun! And drinks lots for me ;) I took Hudson to the halloween store while trying to talk her out of being Lady Gaga (yea, she's 2) and saw a "fun bunny" costume in a size 3T. What's a Fun Bunny you ask? A slutty Playboy Bunny for a toddler. Gross.

  2. That will be so fun to see your college friends!!! That costume will be fun! Senior year of high school only the seniors could dress up and it had to be overly appropriate. I ended up ordering a flamingo costume and I used it last year and again this year now since I transferred schools.

  3. Bahaha...I love slutty gypsy. Much better than an Obama mask (Don't want to hide that pretty face.). Adding the legging is a nice touch. Perhaps it makes it look less "slutty?" Ah, maybe not!

    I think your weekend sounds like a lot of fun. Getting away for a few days is the best. You come back refreshed and ready to face the chaos!

    Happy Monday!

  4. I'd have to do it with leggings too! For sure! You're going to have so much fun!

  5. You are cracking me up! You saw my slutty sailor girl costume right? I know exactly what you mean. (Rich didn't want me out of his sight):-) I love the slutty gypsy! With leggings totally cute.

  6. Your costume is going to be so cute! I mean, your other option was to go with Lady Ga Ga's meat dress, but that would get a little gross. ;-) Hilarious post!

  7. First let me say that you look fabulous for 39!! I hope I look half as good as you at 39! Second love the gypsy costume you picked out. My standard go to costume is a French Maid costume out of a bag from target. Not too slutty with tights underneath. Hope you knock your old boyfriends socks off!

  8. So fun!! I am sure your costume will be perfect.

  9. I love the slutty gypsy! When I was in college one girl was a slutty gypsy and everyone absolutely loved it!


  10. Haha I love the slutty gypsy! All were great choices though! xoxo

  11. It's funny, I have never EVER been anything slutty!
    I love just dressing up! Last year I was a sexy, not slutty, kitty, with pearls, and crazy hair! It's all about fun.

    I bet you'll look great!

  12. The slutty costume thing is so true! It's like they say in the movie Mean Girls; Halloween is the one day of the year that it's perfectly acceptable (and expected) for girls to dress like sluts. Just wear some lingerie and then throw some mouse or bunny ears on.... perfect!!

    I think the leggings are a great idea, we're so not in high school anymore! xo