Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The look of fall

I love all the beautiful Fall flowers. Having fresh flowers in your house is such an easy and inexpensive way to put a smile on my face.

I have promised my kids that while they are at school today I will decorate our house for Halloween. This is what I have in mind....
And this is what my kids are thinking.....
Happy Fall!


  1. I love flowers, too. In fact, I'm heading to the Farmer's Market today to pick some up. :)

    I like the Halloween decorations (fall) you have in mind. Subtle and classy. So many people are now taking the Christmas route and over decorating for Halloween, too. OMG..."tone it down, people!" This isn't a competition. Well, I do live in the suburbs! I completely understand why the kids like it, though. Fun!

  2. Have fun decorating! I love the ones you have in mind!

  3. Hilarious!!

    I love flowers in the house too. Sometimes the cheap ones I get from the grocery store last the longest!

  4. You are hysterical!! I did a little pumpkin decorating myself. Happy Fall ;)

    Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife

  5. In stl my mom always gets flowers from trader joe's they're really cheap and last a while yet look nice. I love fall stuff but I'm not a huge fan of halloween! Also, such a small stl world. I went to high school with her!