Monday, October 1, 2012


I absolutely love Poppy Delevigne, she is my favorite "it" brit girl.   She is beautiful, stylish and pretty much has a charmed life.   She has impeccable taste so she always looks amazing from head to toe.

Speaking of toes, I am obsessing over her Givenchy shoes...

get your pair here!
and send me a pair, size 7 ;)


  1. I see her everywhere. I don't know much about her life but it must be charmed! I do love those shoes. They are incredible. They go with everything. I think you should get a pair! :-)

  2. I have such a girl crush on Poppy. Those shoes are amazing. I am afraid to click and see how much they cost!!

  3. She oozes effortless style. Fab shoes!!

  4. I love to see celebs rocking the same shoes or bags! But I would rock those shoes all the time too if I had them!