Monday, October 29, 2012

Powder Room Redo

One of the joys (or possibly downsides) of owning a home is the constant renovations and updating that goes on.  I am elbow deep in redoing my son's room but got sidetracked in the process.  I was at the paint store picking out a color for his walls, when I just casually started flipping through one of my favorite suppliers of wallpaper's book...

I saw this wallpaper and immediately knew this had to go somewhere in my house.

It took all of 5 seconds for me to decide that this paper would be perfect for my powder room.  The red is fine but it really does not flow well with my colors.  This room is right off my kitchen and now that my cabinets are blue it really clashes and is too bright.

I've always said decorating is a slippery slope, you do one room, which leads to another room, which lead to another.  Good thing it's a slippery, but really fun slope!!


  1. I hear you Jill! Do one room and everything else looks dull in comparison! Have a good week:)

  2. I can't wait to see the redo--love that paper!

  3. love it! I am obsessed with wallpaper. It will look amazing! I need pics of your whole house :)

  4. I am kinda glad I don't have the decoration gene! I love a beautiful home, but I get side tracked by clothes! LOL! Can't wait to see the powder room all done up!

  5. You have a gorgeous home! But I know what you mean about redecorating. I am knee deep in renovations right now. It is not fun while it is happening but cant wait to see the finished product.