Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Scenes from my weekend

I spent just about every waking second of this past weekend with my in laws and I have to admit I enjoyed every moment.  I am fortunate in the fact that I truly love all of my husband's family and we have never had any major issues.  I have many friends who are not so lucky with the family they married into so I just count my blessings!

We started off Friday night downtown with dinner, cocktails and a small celebration for the newlyweds..
my sister in law Kari (the bride), me and my mother in law

The Cardinals had a home baseball game, so downtown was hoppin...

After we sent the parents home, we headed to our favorite Irish pub...

and we ran into my crazy friends.  I found myself doing shots well after midnight (very bad idea)...

despite getting only 4 hours of sleep, Saturday morning I rallied for the bridal luncheon...  
then came home and immediately napped!!

Saturday was the cocktail party for the newlyweds.  As you can see in this 14 second video of my father in law dancing, the alcohol was flowing.

He's got moves like Jagger!!

My sister in law and I getting a good chuckle at my cute father in law...
we never made it to our second party...

Sunday, bloody mary brunch...

and since this was Kari's first time to STL, a mandatory trip to the arch on a beautiful fall afternoon...

For Sunday dinner, I served a pumpkin soup in these adorable soup tureens...

and everyone gobbled up my 4 cheese rigatoni...

Although my father in law always the carnivore, thought this dish would be just as, if not tastier, with sausage.


  1. Please tell me that sequin striped dress (?) is this season and readily available, I NEED it. You look great, the fam seems so sweet and fun too!

  2. Ha! Love that video! I do believe 'fun' is your middle name Jill:) Loving the family pics, you look so pretty and I too love that sequin striped dress!

  3. I love that video. I watched it on FB and cracked up.

    You are a superstar surviving on 4 hours of sleep. Must have been adrenaline!!

    That pasta looks so good. I would definitely add sausage!

    Yes - I love that navy and pink Coach bag - it was so stunning in person. Maybe for Christmas.

  4. Looks like a super fun weekend! Love your sequin dress!! Its nice to have great inlaws, huh? :) I am lucky mine are pretty great too

  5. What a fun weekend! I'm loving your purple sequin dress and that rigatoni looks delicious!

  6. You look fab Jill! Great post... love your sequin dress:) That pasta looks amazing!