Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Swing of Things

After being home for a little over a week, I am finally feeling a little settled and have most of our unpacking done.  I was just going through my phone looking at all my pictures and was either smiling or laughing at almost every shot.

On my way to Michigan I made a pit stop in Chicago for a couple of days.  

First up, a night out with no kids!!
I had dinner, many many drinks and many many laughs with Heather
crazy eyes=crazy fun

The next day after the tylenol kicked in, it was off to see the city with the kids.  First stop is always American Girl even though we have one here in STL.  I think my girls are on to me and know I will always buy them something.

A walk through Millennium Park

Shedd Aquarium

The stingray tank where you can pet the stingrays 

and our favorite, the beluga whale

Our last evening we took a sunset cruise down the Chicago river.

It was such a great way to see the city plus I actually did learn so interesting facts about Chicago.

I even managed a quick stop to Zara where I picked up some glitter shoes

We always have a great time in the windy city!!


  1. I was just in Chicago! I was prob gone when you got there. Love those sandals!

  2. Hi Jill!! Thanks for the shout out! That was a fun night. I swear when I read your post I felt hungover for a tiny second, even though I'm not. :-)

    Ok I love those shoes. I never see anything like them at Zara?!