Friday, August 9, 2013

Girl Friday

And we are off again for one last vacay before school starts.  
We are heading to Branson, hmm do I hear a fiddle and a hillbilly, why yes I do!!

On our itinerary, the Titanic Museum.
I know, it sounds totally cheesy but I swear I have heard it is amazing.  They have recreated the entire boat just like the original Titanic
I have been told the museum tilts so you know what the people were feeling as it was sinking and you can put your hand in a vat of water that is the temp of the Atlantic Ocean the day the Titanic sank ( and I have heard it is freezing)  When you enter you are given a card with a name of a person who really was on the Titanic and when you leave you find out if you survived.  My kids love the movie so I am thinking this will be a winner!!

We also have a day planned here

we will be doing lots of this...

and since we will be in the "south" eating lots and lots of this...

Have a beautiful weekend!!


  1. I want to go to that museum!! That sounds incredible!!! Have a fun weekend! Eat some southern food for me too.

  2. Have a fabulous time with the family Jill:)