Thursday, August 1, 2013


A few things have been on my mind lately...

This wine is my new favorite, I love any sancerre and most restaurants do not carry this type of wine.
Lucky for me I have a stockpile in my fridge.

I think white birch firewood is so pretty, I want some.  Not to burn but just to look pretty next to my fireplace.  I don't think these trees are anywhere near STL.  I never thought I would say this but I might have to order firewood online.

I cannot wait for Fall so I can wear my new track pants

I really want a new kitchen table, and I really want a stainless steel top.

When I was on Mackinac Island our resort served wine in the "front yard"
in these acrylic glasses,  now these have made it to the top of my wish list.  I cannot tell you how many glasses I have broken on my WOP (wine on porch) nights with my girls, well problem solved.  Now if I can just make it to Crate and Barrel before tomorrow night, oh and I am serving sancerre.

I downloaded the first 2 seasons of this show to watch during all my Michigan travels and now I am completely obsessed!!  OMG I have to wait until October 3 now for the new season.  If you do not watch this, download it now, you have plenty of time to catch up.

and last but certainly not least, this guy....
and I get to see him tonight. (in concert, not on a real date)


  1. I've never had that kind of wine!! Can you get it in regular wine shops?

    OK where did you get those pants? Where!!? I love them!

    I have a total (not so secret) crush on Adam. I'm jealous!!!

  2. Love those pants too! Enjoy the concert:)

  3. I want to find and try that wine ASAP!!!

  4. Woooo, I heart Adam Levine, have a blast!

  5. Sancerre or Chablis are my favourite wines. I do have the plastic glasses I have to say I still prefer to drink from a glass ( I have also had many mishaps). The plastic are great for a big party.