Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pig Out

Sunday night, the hubs and I headed downtown for a food lover's event.  Cochon 555 made its way through STL and we ate and drank ourselves into a happy stupor.

If you are not familiar with Cochon 555, it is basically a bbq cookoff.  5 chefs are invited from the top 5 restaurants in the city, each chef is given an entire pig and they have to create 5 dishes.  If you love to eat then you would be in hog heaven (ha ha)

The food was amazing...

and the signature drink of the night (and apparently the perfect pairing with pork)
a manhattan

The finale of the night was when a local butcher was brought out this

and we watched him butcher the pig

by the end of the night all that remained of porky was a little bit of bacon

It was such a fun night, this was my father's day gift to Dan way back in June, and he LOVED it.  The one downside, overindulging on pork and bourbon is a really bad way to start off the week!!

If Cochon makes it way through your city, you should definitely go

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  1. So cool!! The guy who owns Toons (the bar Rich manages) is a BBQ genius and he cooks a full pig at least once a month. They call it Porkapalooza. (Not that original). Rich and Danny are opening a restaurant! I have so much to tell you when I visit. :-)