Friday, August 30, 2013

Girl Friday

The first week is down with all 3 kids back in school and I am FINALLY starting to get back into our school year routine.  I must admit I already miss not having to set an alarm, our lazy days spent poolside, and staying up way too late.

We are spending our last weekend of summer at "heaven on earth" according to my hubs, or Notre Dame to the rest of the world.

My 2 nieces just started freshman year at ND so we will meet up with my sister in law and her family for a little pre game tailgating 

then off to watch the game

I actually enjoy watching the hubs show us around campus telling his stories from when he was a student at ND.  He gets very animated and I see the sparkle in his eye.  He loves ND.  If anyone knows a graduate of ND I swear they are all the same, they loved their school, they still talk about it almost daily,  all other schools are average at best,  and of course the football team can do absolutely no wrong.  

The old ND joke applies...

How do you know if someone went to Notre Dame??

Don't worry, they will tell you!!

Have a beautiful weekend


  1. Have a lovely weekend Jill:)

  2. OMG - it's SO TRUE!! You forgot to add, if you went to ND you will do everything within your power to get your kids to go there too. Am I right?

    I was shocked the other day when I learned my brother in law's boyfriend went to ND. He is in a rock band and is not the typical ND graduate. Then I found out his major was Accounting! Too funny.

    Have a fun weekend! I'm not used to the school schedule yet either. It's going to be hard when it's still dark out in the morning. :-/