Monday, August 12, 2013

Last Week of Summer

These are our last days of summer before it's back to school.  Our last days to do what we do best, hang poolside.  I personally think some of the best pools in the city are those at nice hotels.  Most of these hotels will let you spend the day at their pool, even if you are not a guest, for a small fee.  That sounds fair to me.  Now to do this with no kids, poolside dining service and a cocktail waitress sounds heavenly!!

Here are a few hot spots I need to hit up before Labor Day
Chase Park Plaza (my favorite)

The Four Seasons

The cheshire

Friday is my annual "Back to School" lunch and day at the pool with my friends and no kids.  I can smell the suntan lotion and taste the champagne already!!


  1. I never thought to head out to one of the swank pools in Atlanta. Enjoy the last week! P went to pre-school this morning! : (

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  3. The Four Seasons' view is to die for as is the food

  4. That's a great idea!!! Have fun!

  5. I could do with a day like that!!