Friday, August 16, 2013

Girl Friday

This week has been really hard to have any sort of schedule.  My youngest started school but the other two have not, I still have 1 suitcase I need to unpack from my trip last month, and we have had unusual weather for August in STL.  Usually it is hell hot this time of year but this week we are having temps with the high in the 70's.

With that being said, today's forecast looks perfect, sunny and 85.  Perfect for my day with my girls
We have our annual farewell to summer afternoon.  An afternoon of this
and this

and then a beautiful night for a private party at the Zoo

I am not one to brag, but we have an amazing zoo, it is one of the country's best!!   Since the zoo is closed to the public for this party tonight we might actually have a chance to pet the sting rays without waiting for hours.

Saturday I would love to do the 1 thing I have been wanting to do all summer...
a trip to our farmer's market

and Saturday night, something my husband has been wanting to do..
Oh the things we do for love!!

Have a beautiful weekend