Monday, November 5, 2012

Making a list...

Now that Halloween is over and it is November, the holiday season is fast approaching.  Right about this time is when I start making a mental wish list so when my mom, sister or even hubby ask me what I want, I can tell them (sometimes even the SKU number) so I won't be disappointed on Christmas morning

The monogrammed necklace.  I swear I had one of these in high school, I just wish I knew where I put it

The Starbucks Verismo coffe, latte and espresso maker.  The hubs and I are completely addicted to Starbucks, we each easily have 2 per day so this is at the top of my list.  There are many early Saturday mornings where we have to row sham bow to see who has to do the coffee run, this would completely alleviate that issue, plus this has got to be cheaper than the $6/day I spend at Starbucks.

The Toms Desert Bootie, cute and most importantly buy one, give one.

The Jo Tote Camera bag.  I love that this camera bag is designed to look like a purse.  I am definitely thinking of items that I will need in Paris and I can not think of better way to tote my camera around the city of lights, plus the photography class I took yesterday has me really excited to use my camera.

I can never have to many lululemon jackets,

and it appears that Nike has jumped on the bandwagon too, look how cute these new jackets are.

There you have it, the official start of my list!
What's on yours???


  1. I didn't know Toms made booties! You just added that to my Christmas list too :)

  2. How cute is that Nike jacket?! And the Tom's, I'll be needing those too. And a monogram necklace:) And a Jo Tote, I can't believe I still don't have a camera bag-this is a must. Thanks for making my list for me;)

  3. I would love another pair of lululemon pants. Thanks for reminding me!

    I used to own an espresso machine with milk steamer. I could never get it to replicate Starbucks. I still think you should get it though and have fun trying! Mine was by Krupp so maybe that was the problem? :-)

    I'm looking for a monogram necklace for my sister-in-law that lives upstairs (Margi). She wears monogram sweaters/everything so I know she'd love it!

  4. LOVING that Nike jacket! cute!

  5. I need a new bag! I have not really thought about anything else! I love that nike top

  6. I would love a coffee machine!

  7. what a great list- I want everything! love the new nike jackets. they needed to jump on board :)

  8. I definitely have a monogrammed necklace on my list! xx