Friday, November 9, 2012

Girl Friday

Happy Friday!!  Hope everyone has something fabulous to look forward to this weekend.  I feel like I have a busy weekend which means 1 thing, it is going to fly by!!

Tonight, off to dinner with my tennis partner and her hubby (hope we win today so we have something to celebrate)  to a delicious and cozy french bistro...

Saturday morning I am taking a mother/daughter hands on cooking class with Libby...

our menu, holiday treats

Late Saturday afternoon I am sneaking away for another blowout, see it is so addicting...

Saturday night my friend's hubby is throwing a surprise birthday party for her, at one of the biggest hole in the wall bars.  His justification; they have the best karaoke list in the city, $1 jello shots,  and it is so close to where we all live.  I, along with some other girls have been in charge of decorations for this dump.  We are glamming the place up best we can...

pink champagne

pink balloons

and a lot of glitter

Sunday afternoon I am taking my second cooking class of the weekend (I know bad timing).  My older sister and I take a class together every November to celebrate her birthday which is next week.  The topic for this class is "Sunday Dinner".

I am ending Sunday with a dinner date with my 10 year old daughter...

then we are off to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular, who coincidentally are originally from St. Louis.  The Rockettes were founded right her in STL in 1925 and back then were known as the "Missouri Rockets" 

Have a beautiful weekend!!


  1. Holy cow girl! You do have a busy weekend but it sounds like so much fun! I am going to be doing more unpacking! Ha! Still not done yet! Have a fab weekend Jill! Xo

  2. Wow what a hectic weekend of fun and activities enjoy.

  3. I am tired just reading this!! :-) You are the Energizer Bunny on the weekends!

    I have a really boring mellow weekend but I play on drinking lots of wine and cooking too. ;-)

  4. I always love hearing about your fabulous weekends Jill!! You put us all to shame!

  5. The bistro looks like my kind of place and I would definitely enjoy the Christmas Spectacular too.