Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone and this one goes down in the books.  Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays and I got to spend it in one of my favorite cities so I knew I was going to have a great weekend.

What better place to spend black Friday than the Magnificent Mile...

the whole family loved it!

Friday night the kids were happy with room service in the hotel, and the hubs and I were very happy to end the day with a delicious dinner with all my in-laws and late night cocktail at the Redhead Piano Bar

Saturday we had an early lunch and lots of fun at the American Girl Doll store...

then stopped by the Lego Store and saw the amazing Chicago skyline made entirely of legos.

After lunch and a little shopping, we headed over to the Christmas Market at Daley Plaza...

we sat on Santa's lap...

and walked around Santa's village listening to Christmas music.

After being in the cold for a couple of hours, my mother in law and I headed to the Walnut Room with the girls to warm up with a glass of pinot noir and see the beautiful, great tree...

and the girls got some fairy dust from the Sugar Plum fairies.

After we finished our wine, we headed outside to see the windows.  I never tire of these displays...

This year's theme is "The Magic of Christmas"

After a great time in the city, on Sunday we headed out to the suburbs and we picked out this little nugget...

I will be back to get him in 2 weeks!!


  1. Looks like a perfect Thanksgiving! Love seeing all of your pictures! How beautiful does Chi-town look at Christmas? Kind of makes me miss Christmas displays all bundled up and sipping hot chocolate. Just a little bit different when it is sunny and 70 with palm trees all around! DId you name your puppy? He is super adorable!

  2. SO exciting!!! What fun you're getting a puppy!!! My mom wants another pup this summer (we have one yellow lab who is 9)! Looks like you had a fabulous thanksgiving!!!

  3. I'm so glad you picked out a puppy!! He looks adorable.

    That picture of you with Santa and your kids is awesome. Love it!

    Love S's little pink coat. Precious. :-)

    Glad you had so much fun in Chi-town!

  4. Lovely photos Jill and the puppy looks adorable!

  5. One of my favourite cities. A new pup will be like having a new baby again best of luck. But what fun it will give the family.


  6. Aw, I just love this! What a wonderful Thanksgiving;) And a puppy? We have been in serious family discussion about this....:)