Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maui treasures

Last month when we were in Hawaii, Dr. Beautiful spent an afternoon on the golf course so I took that time to go into town, explore, and do a little shopping.

As tradition with us, going back to our first trip to Jamaica when we were just dating, we always buy a magnet to commemorate our travels. I found the perfect Hawaiian magnet.

I found this jumpsuit at a boutique in the town of Lahaina. I am really digging jumpsuits. I have not worn this yet, but we are going out to dinner tomorrow night with my in laws and this just might be the perfect outfit.
I actually got this little coin purse right before my trip, but I thinks he looks great with my jumpsuit.
How could I go on a tropical vacation and not pick up something Lilly

My hand beaded necklace made entire of papaya seeds, and my new swimsuit cover up I found at a local boutique.
Hand made bracelet from a sea shell and more seeds.
More hand made bracelets, the first 2 are brass with sea shells and 3 are bamboo a local woman soaked in ocean water for weeks so she was able to shape them into bracelets.
I couldn't leave without buying a little bling (or as Dan calls it my P. Diddy ring)
a hand beaded coin purse, perfect for my beach bag....

I was introduced to this lotion at the spa. The scent is "pikake" which is a fragrant and beautiful flower that grows in abundance in Hawaii. The locals say the pikake smells like the Hawaiian islands. I have strangers stop me and ask what perfume I am wearing, I love telling them it is just a lotion I got in Hawaii.I couldn't resist this, mainly because of the label....
thought it was perfect for a week in Maui!


  1. You always find the coolest most amazing stuff!!

  2. What great treasures......

  3. Maui-licious! Love the bangles, the jumpsuit and the Lilly P.


  4. Love all the jewelry!

    ...and Lush products are wonderful. You will love it.

  5. Love everything especially the jumpsuit and bracelets! Show us a pic if you were it this weekend! I love that you call your hubby dr beautiful!

  6. i love the jumpsuit

  7. What fun treasures!!! We *try* to get a christmas ornament on every vacation but we don't always remember! Love your magnet tradition!! Everything else is great too!!! YOu're a great shopper!!

  8. I'm seriously in love with everything that you bought! I love that you bought such a variety. There's nothing better than fabulous things that remind you of such a beautiful place! So jelly! :)

  9. I am loving that so lovely! I want it! :)

  10. You always find such neat things! I am loving the necklace and bracelet from papaya seeds how neat is that!


  11. Maui is my favorite place in the world!!! I love the ocean salt by Lush