Thursday, June 9, 2011

For the Men in our Lives has been my "go to" for gifts for the men in my life. Father's Day is right around the corner so I was perusing the website looking for gifts from the kiddos. I have my eye on a few items I think Dr. Beautiful would enjoy.

Jack Spade Duffle. Perfect for a weekend getaway.

Purple gingham belt. I think this would look great with almost any pair of pants.White bucks. I love me a man in white bucks.

Ping pong paddle case...for all our ping pong tournaments:)

Long board shorts, perfect for our summer in Michigan.
Seersucker pants, I love me a man in seersucker.
Cotton Twill pants in "pizza" what man wouldn't want pants the color of pizza.
and finally the floral print pants, Dan could wear these on his way to his ping pong tournament with his new paddle case!!
To all the Dads out there!!


  1. Dear Jill,

    Here's to the wonderful men
    that we've chosen.


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  2. I love the floral print pants! I could never get mister in those!

  3. I love your preppy style choices for men! Oh how I wish Rich would wear some of this stuff. Donald Pliner shoes and gingham is as crazy as he gets. I asked him the other day if he would wear plaid shorts and he reluctantly agreed if they were the "right plaid". I wasn't asking him to wear pants with whales on them like his brother from New Canaan, CT does. You should see how preppy they dress! But it's New England preppy which is totally different from Southern preppy.

    Rich's whole family is super preppy except for him. When I met him he was wearing a stocking surfer hat and slides in summer. :-)

  4. Love the seersucker pants and gingham belt! I have a preppy hubby over here who has a bday Sunday as well as Father's Day. All of your suggestions are very welcome! xo

  5. All the Dads out there will be looking mighty handsome and put together! Great choices!

  6. You must have a very stylish mister. Unfortunately, mine would never wear any of your awesome choices! He's monochromatic and boring! LOL...

  7. Love all those clothes if only my husband would wear them. I swear his jeans are from the 1980's. I call them his bon jovi jeans. If only he liked fashion as much as me! Love the red twill pair, is it wrong I am crushing on the model and can't even see his face?

  8. Love hearing a woman's opinion on these things. Great suggestions, especially the white bucks.

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