Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Big Night Out

On June 14th, I was lucky enough to marry this man. Today will always be one of the happiest days of my life. I knew the first time we met that I would marry him. June 15th also happens to be his birthday. I hate that his birthday is the day after our anniversary, but when we were engaged, we planned our wedding between the end of med school and the start of residency. That left us with 3 weeks in June. This year I want to make sure we really celebrate both so I have a surprise planned for him.
While the kids are at grandma's house, we are heading downtown to stay at a hotel..

A romantic anniversary dinner at the hotel restaurant.
There is a casino next door, we might wander over and see if we have any "lady luck" tonight.
and late night cocktails on the rooftop bar.
Tomorrow, it is all about the birthday boy. We plan to celebrate with..

breakfast on the patio...and lounging poolside all afternoon...
then back to reality!!


  1. Happy Anniversay and Happy Birthday to Dr. Beautiful! You planned a fantastic day! Love the picture of you two, gorgeous couple!

  2. Happy Anniversay have a fab day and have a great birthday.

  3. Dear Jill,

    I'm so happy for you!

    Congrat's on the anniversary and
    Happy Birthday to your hubby.

    Have fun!


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  4. Happy Happy Anniversary!!!! Sounds like a perfect evening!
    And Happy Birthday to your hubby!!! I hope you both have a wonderful time celebrating!
    Beautiful pic of you both!!!

  5. happy anniversary!! yours plans sound wonderful.

  6. That sounds FANTASTIC!! Enjoy it!!

    Thank you for your awesome comment yesterday. You always know what to say to make me feel better. I love knowing you as a friend. Everyone needs an awesome non-judgmental mom friend like you.

    Have a wonderful anniversary lovebirds!

  7. Sounds fabulous!!! Hope you have an amazing anniversary and your hubby has a great birthday!!! What a fun night you have planned!!!

  8. Happy Bday to your hubby! Have a nice little getaway! xo

  9. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to your husband! I hope you two have a fabulous time on your romantic getaway.

  10. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a blast! I love that you are surprising him for the bday too. My hubs bday is right after our Anni too and I never know how to do both! :)

  11. Wishing you the happiest anniversary and many more beautiful years to come.

    Happy birthday to your mister, too! :)

    (My mister's birthday is 4 days after our anniversary. Pretty close, too!)