Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sweet Baby Girl

8 years ago today, this sweet baby girl became a part of my life, and I have never been the same.
I remember every detail of her delivery like it was yesterday. I remember the day before she was born walking around town having contractions. I remember telling my husband (who is an OBGYN) that I knew I was in labor, he didn't believe me because I was about 10 days early. I remember waking him up at 1:30 in the morning to go to the hospital. I remember once getting to the hospital, having my epidural and feeling settled I was rushed back for an emergency c-section. I remember never being so scared as I was at that moment. I remember crying uncontrollably when I found out we had a perfect little girl.

Here is that little girl today.
We have a big day planned. Libby has her first soccer game this morning, then we are off to The Ritz for tea, then to the spa for mani's and pedi's. In the evening the whole family is going out for our favorite pizza then back home for cake and presents. The perfect day!!


  1. Oh, Happy Birthday!

    She is just precious.

  2. I hope Libby has a fabulous birthday! She is just too cute!

    It sounds like y'all have a great day planned!

  3. She was such a doll and still is! What a fun day you have planned! I love going to High Tea!

    Enjoy your beautiful daughter. :-)

  4. I always meant to ask you...why did you need the emergency C-section? You can email me privately!!