Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello Monday!

I love a weekend that is busy and fun. Friday night was our annual tail gate party at our kids school. Everyone parks their cars in a circle and opens up the back ends, sets up their tables and have drinks and dinner. Dan insists on beer and wings for tail gating. He also finds it so funny that we tail gate when there is no football game.
Saturday was the float trip. All and all it was a fun day, but after 10 miles of rowing I couldn't get home fast enough. I needed a shower and a deep tissue massage. Libby and I came home after floating but the boys stayed and camped. At 3 am when I heard the massive thunderstorm come through I just snuggled down in my bed, smiled and thought "Damn, that really sucks to be camping!"
On Sunday, Libby finally had her birthday party with her friends. 6 little girls had a "spa party" with manis, pedis, facials, hair and make-up. Now thats my kind of party
After Libby's party with her friends we rushed back to our house for her family party.

Pinyata time!
after the pinyata broke, it was a big free for all.After dinner, dessert and presents everyone called it a night and went home.

And because our weekend was non-stop, this is what my house looks like today.A & E will be stopping by later today to film an episode of "Hoarders, Buried Alive"


  1. Bahaha...true "garbage house." Ew...

    I can't believe your kids' school allows you to drink beer on school grounds. That's so cool. Much, much different from up here. Good lord, everything is so "by the book" and institutionalized feeling. It's kind of too bad.

    Love that the guys got stuck in the rain. Hehehe...hope everything turned out okay and they didn't get too wet.

    Looks like your daughter's birthday was a success. How fun!

    Happy Monday!

  2. It sounds like y'all had a great weekend! Libby's party looks like so much fun! I had a spa party one year, and it is still one of my favorites! Hope you've had a great Monday!

  3. What a fun weekend! Next time please give Libby my address so that I can be invited to her spa party :)

  4. "Hoarders, Buried Alive"... I almost died laughing!! I feel like that when there's like one dish in my sink!!

    Sounds like such a great weekend. Happy Monday!!

    Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife

  5. The tailgating sounds great! I'd kill for some wings right about now (The French don't 'do' tailgating)