Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh What a Night!

On Saturday we had our first party in our new home. It was an absolutely beautiful day, sunny and warm, and by the time the party started at 7:30 it was 68 degrees. The perfect night for hanging outside on our deck, cocktails in hand, having fun with our friendsScarlett before the party trying to get some food.
Me and my sweet friend Megan
My fun, crazy neighbors! I was friends with these girls before we moved, but now I love being next door and around the corner from these two!!

Everyone had a great time!

Apparently as the night went on and I consumed more drinks, I suddenly became an awful photographer. I don't even have 1 picture of me with Dan. I guess we were both having way to much fun to focus on taking pictures. I paid, and I paid dearly for all the "fun" I had Saturday night!

Summer is officially over.

On a side not, I found out today I won a giveaway from my friend Cool Gal! I am so excited, I have never won anything. Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket


  1. Looks like lots of fun! Very cute pictures!


  2. It looks like you had a great time - your friends, too! LOL! You're just so adorable!

    Sometimes a little hangover is worth the good time. If you're like me, however, I cannot handle my booze like I could in college. If I overindulge just a little, I'll pay for it the next day. Ugg...aging!

  3. you look so cute! love your green top/dress! Looks a fabulous party and Scarlett is too cute for words!

  4. That looks like so much fun! I bet all the "fun" was worth it the next day!

    Congrats on your win! Hope you've had a fabulous day!

  5. Cute top!! Looks like y'all had a ball! xo

  6. You and your hair are GORGEOUS.. The braid is so cool.

    And I love your green dress. Looks like so much fun!!!