Monday, January 7, 2013

Paris Countdown!!

The hubs was definitely right when he said he likes to always have a vacation down on the calendar, a little something to look forward to!!  With that being said, I cannot believe we leave for our Paris/Ireland trip in 5 days.  I spent the better half of my weekend laying out clothes, but we also spent some time working on the itinerary.   We are in charge of the Paris part of the trip and our friends are planning Ireland.  Dr. Beautiful and I both lived over in Paris in our 20's and go and visit every 2 to 3 years.  I honestly feel like I have experienced most of what the city has to offer, but since this is the first visit for our friends I want to make sure we hit all the hot spots.

First and foremost, the Eiffel Tower.  This iconic structure is the universal symbol of Paris,  and the most recognizable in all of Europe.  Even my 3 year old knows the Eiffel Tower is in Paris.  The views from the top are amazing...

Just south of the river le seine is the left bank or the latin quarter, this is the mecca of bars and restaurants.  I love just walking through the latin quarter for some great people watching (and the best place for a gyro at 2 am)

The L'ouvre.  Paris is known for housing some of the most famous artwork in one of the most famous museums....

inside you will find, Ms. Mona Lisa

the Winged Victory...

and Venus de Milo...

We have also planned to see some of the city's beautiful cathedrals.
Notre Dame....

and the surrounding neighborhood...

then head north to Sacre Coeur...
(which I think has the best views of the city)

and take a stroll through the artist square just next to Sacre Coeur

this is where you will find some amazing artwork, I promise.  2 pieces I have in my family room were purchased at Montmartre Square about 10 years ago.

We are planning a little trip outside the city to the beautiful Palace of Versailles...
were King Louis XIV once lived.

In addition to sightseeing, there will be shopping...

some of my favorites, laduree

Brasserie de I'sle Saint-Louis

Jardin Notre Dame

and le timbre (probably my #1)

What is a trip to Paris without indulging in some wine?  The french are known for their wine, so we have a wine tasting scheduled..

and a night at the newly renovated champagne bar which is on the top floor of the tallest (and albeit ugliest) building in Paris.

So excited!! Je ne peux pas attendre!!


  1. Have the best time! It sounds like your trip will be perfect!

  2. Ahh! So soon! Y'all are going to have a blast and infant wait to hear all about it!

  3. Hi Jill! I am sure you are all excited for your European trip. i just heard of a great restaurant in Dublin over the weekend it is called Chez Max situated off Dame street and got a great review for quality food and service. The main shopping area in Dublin is Grafton street with a good selection of designer and high street stores!

  4. Sounds like SO much fun!! I love Versailles and want to go back to Paris again too. Rich has never been there! And I've never been to Dublin. Sounds like we should copy your trip someday. :-)

  5. Oh there are so many gorgeous places to see in Paris one of my favourite cites. The food and selection of restaurants are so good. I love also people watching. Lucky you.

  6. I would love to go back to visit Paris one day with my husband as he's never been. If that ever happens, I'll be sure to remember your list here! :) Have a wonderful trip!! Ahhh enjoy drinking wine and taking in the beautiful sites.

  7. This makes me miss Paris so much and we actually ate at a bunch of these places not knowing they were great Brassiere Saint Louis was fabulous! We stayed on Ile de Saint Louis!

    Totally random but from reading I figured out where your son goes to school (not to be creepy) and there may be a possibility you may send your daughter where I went. Anyways ... St. Madeleine Sophie Barrat's (founder of the Sacred Heart order) incorrupt body is in St. Francis Xavier church in Paris its right at the St. Francis metro stop. It's a gorgeous church and so quiet since so few people know about it.

    Have a blast! I can't wait to hear about it! We're going to London and Ireland this summer! So I'm especially interested to see where y'all go in Ireland!

    1. You must be a villa girl!! I actually used to teach French at the Academy of the Sacred heart in St charles. Sr Caire our head mistress told me about St Madeleine's body and I have never been to that church. I am definitely going this time, thanks for reminding me!!

      You will have a blast this summer, I think it was last summer you went to Paris maybe on a girls trip with your mom? Where is your blog?? It is not on my blog roll anymore??

  8. ooohhh, I wish I knew about that champagne bar when I was there last summer! Next time, for sure.
    We really enjoyed Frenchie in the 1st and La Balancoire in Montmartre. I'm so excited for you!

  9. I hope you have a FABULOUS time, sigh, looks amazing! I've only been once and wish I'd known you then so I'd have the inside scoop:) Will definitely bookmark this post for when we go back!! Have a safe and wonderful trip!