Monday, January 28, 2013

Scenes from my weekend

We had a great stay-cation this weekend, I sometimes forget what a great city I live in!!

Saturday afternoon we headed downtown to the arch...

It was bad planning on my part, I didn't even think that tickets to the top would be sold out.  We did go to the museum at the base of the arch, then we headed over to the wax museum....

where we spent a some time going through the 3 floors of wax figures...

some of it was a bit scary for the girls...

We then headed over to the club, checked in, ordered room service for the kids and headed downstairs to our event...

The gala was an auction to raise money for improvements to the pool.  I spend pretty much every day during the summer at the pool so I had to bid on something...

I am now the proud owner of a juicer.  I can't wait to try this out.  I keep hearing how much everyone loves their juicers!!

Sunday we woke up and it was Scarlett's birthday so we all went out for pancakes...

then we headed home.  Libby made her sister a delicious cake...

we did presents...

then Dr Beautiful had to go into work.

Today they are demolishing the labor and delivery wing where the hubs works and where I delivered all 3 of my kids, so we popped in at the hospital last night to get one last shot of the rooms.

Matthew arrived in this room

and I had the girls in the same room

  It was actually bittersweet because I know that I am done having babies.   It feels like yesterday I was in labor.  This weekend made me feel very blessed!!

Happy Monday


  1. How did you not cry being in those rooms? It makes me tear up looking at these pictures!!

  2. Aww I love that you took pictures in the rooms they were born! And how sweet the girls were born in the same room!! Stay cations are the best they def make you appreciate your city!

  3. Lovely photos Jill and how time flies! Your son looks so tall and grown up all of a sudden!

  4. what a fab weekend! Let me know how you like the juicer- I have been wanting one and am not sure which one to get! How sweet that you took pics in their hospital rooms- that is definitely bittersweet! I would be crying :) xoxo Lis

  5. Precioso viaje y precioso blog.
    Te gustaría que nos siguiéramos. Besos.

  6. What a special weekend you had, Jill! Love the pictures!! You have such a beautiful family!


  7. Wow Jill, that's so special! You'll always be glad you took those pictures:) Can't wait to hear about the juicer, I was just looking at them yesterday.